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Managing Student Behaviour

Do you need support for How to Manage Student Behaviour while relief teaching. There is no doubt that managing student behaviour while relief teaching brings with it a whole range of different issues. Relief Teachers need comprehensive support to manage student behaviour in the relief teaching classroom. Members get that here.

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What Relief Teaching Executive Members are saying ...

Executive Membership Offers Heaps.

I joined because I needed support in my relief teaching. I am a mature aged new teacher. I recently upgraded to an Executive Member. Bob has really helped with ideas on how to manage students. His online courses are full of great hints. Executive Membership offers heaps of free resources. It's well worth joining.

Graham R , Joined Oct 14 - Exec Member Jan 16

Helps Accumulate Excellent Resources

I find membership of your site very helpful. I am a pre service teacher so I am accumulating some of your excellent resources for when I graduate. Many of my friends have commented on how good your site is. I found out about your site from other students doing my degree. I really enjoy reading your articles and have used your comments during my lectures. I would like some more written for pre service teachers.

Lisa F , Member since March 2016

Very Useful Tools for Relief Teachers

I am very happy with my Executive Membership. I visit often and spend at least 15 minutes on site at each visit. The pages load fast enough for me and it is really easy to download resources. The best part is that the material is relevant and engaging for students. There are plenty of very useful tools for relief teachers. Keep up the great service for relief teachers, Bob.

Alison D , Long time Member. Executive Member since July 2016

Resources Galore for Members

Thanks Bob. I have been relief teaching for a while now. I just couldn't find support material for my job. I have been an executive member for nearly a year. Your site has just grown and grown. You have resources galore for members. I just downloaded the Walking With Dinosaurs kit that was just added to the Executive Suite. I love it. I used it with my grade 9 class and had them eating out of the palm of my hands. You really have gone to a lot of trouble putting all these resources together for relief teachers. Thank you.

Mary , Executive Member since Aug 15

Your Site is Unreal

Your site is unreal. I haven't done all your PD courses yet but I will. The free gear in the executive suite is very cool. I love the Scruzzles and the classes I take love them too. Thanks for the free set you sent me. My Executive Membership was well worth it. Thanks mate.

Jason , Executive Member March 16
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My Crossword Maker Suite of Products

This is the greatest and most versatile suite of products for the relief teaching classroom. Create instant literacy activities for any class, any subject, any age group in seconds. These crossword build themselves. 

Online Courses for Members

Executive Members access a wide range of curriculum and professional FREE online courses. Gain your Professional Development Credit for Recertification.

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About the Author

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Bob Brandis

Bob is a veteran of the classroom. He joined the teaching ranks in 1973 and has been a principal since 1979. His experience stretches to both primary and secondary schools, small, big, city and country schools. Bob is now semi retired, relief teaching, running curriculum and behaviour management courses and building educational software for classroom teachers.

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