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The best supported Australian Crossword Makers on the market. See the Range of products below.

My Crossword Maker

my crossword maker

My Crossword Maker is the entry-level crossword maker.

Enter words and clues and form your own crossword.

My Crossword Maker is a high quality, low-cost, stand alone crossword maker.

My Crossword Maker is for the classroom teacher who loves typing and preparing their own crosswords.

My Crossword Maker is supported by a range of Add On programs.

My Crossword Maker is provided FREE to all members.

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My Crossword Maker Plus

my crossword maker

My Crossword Maker Plus – the Flagship of the My Crossword Maker suite. There isNOTHING like My Crossword Maker Plus on the market today.

Everything about Crossword Construction is automated. This is a powerhouse product. Everything is integrated. My Crossword Maker Plus has a comprehensive integrated dictionary with 24/7 updates.

Definitions, clozure passages, scrambled words and mathematical equations automatically populate the clue grid.

My Crossword Maker Plus stands heads and shoulders above every crossword maker in the market today in every aspect except the price.

My Crossword Maker Plus is for busy teachers who want one click automation. Produce JPG, PDF or send your crossword straight to the printer.

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My Picture Crossword Maker

my crossword maker

This is a unique opportunity to lead the creative teaching market with a new an innovative product like nothing on the market today.

There in nothing like My Picture Crossword Maker in this market today.

With an ever expanding image dictionary file, your crossword learning activities will come alive. Your clues will be automatically generated - IN SECONDS.

Get all the BENEFITS without all the EFFORT.

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My Scramble Crossword Maker

my crossword maker

There is nothing more challenging than Scramble Words.

This is one piece of crossword software that does not need a dictionary.

Every word will be scrambled however you like - ALL WITH A CLICK OF A BUTTON.

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