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Place Value - Teaching Strategies

Place Value

Place value is one of those important concepts in mathematics. Teachers (and when you are relief teaching) simply can't afford to get this math skill wrong. Of course, place value is one those essential math skills that every student in every grade must learn. To experience continued math success they must master place value as a concept. This makes it ideal for any relief teaching situation.

Place Value Houses

The first part of learning place value is to learn the value is attached to the house.

To help kids get a better maths understanding of place value, I prefer to teach the "houses" in blocks of three.

For example, this is the ONES house. This house grouped into single ones, ten ones and a hundred ones.

You can see how teaching this format improves the understanding.

relief teaching - maths - place value

Hence when reading this number it become

  • 6 hundred (ones), 3 ten (ones) and 7 single (ones)
  • or six hundred and thirty-seven.

Kids should learn this math skill very early.

It is important in maths to have kids write the numbers in word form as it cements the place value concept.

This needs to start very early in the primary school and needs to be continually re taught. 

Place Value - Perfect.

That's what makes place value perfect for relief teaching.
Once the maths concept of place value in the ONES house is fully understood, the next move is to move to THOUSANDS.
Usually in mathematics lessons, teachers teach houses as single entities but this method complicates this basic math skill.
Usually in mathematics lessons, teachers teach house as single entities but this complicates this basic math skill.

Mathematics is conceptualized in groups and this needs to be converted into place value and houses.

The THOUSANDS house is structured exactly the same as the ONES house - single, tens and hundreds.

relief teaching - place value - math skills

This number becomes four hundred and five thousands, two hundred and forty-five ones.

How easy is that for a relief teaching mathematics activity?

Understanding place value to millions is the next maths concept and it proceeds in the same fashion.

Relief Teaching - Place Value - Maths

Having kids write numbers from digits is an important maths skills.

Get the FREE PowerPoint on how to read and write numbers to millions for your relief teaching gigs.

Exercises of writing numbers and find the place value of digits in a number to millions is included in the file.

It is suitable for any relief teaching lesson for year 3 - 7.


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Hi Bob,

A great resource, simple and easy to understand and apply. Highly appreciated.

I am getting confident and feeling it is doable.


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