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This is the best website I've found for relief teachers. Bob has been more than helpful. I love all the tips and ideas about relief teaching, because you can't get this in many other places.

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Managing Student Behaviour

Do you need support for How to Manage Student Behaviour while relief teaching? 

Managing student behaviour while relief teaching brings with it a whole range of different issues.

Relief Teachers need comprehensive support to manage student behaviour in the relief teaching classroom. Members get that here.

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Relief Teaching Ideas

Improve your relief teaching days with powerful relief teaching ideas for your relief teaching classroom.

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Can I say your site, your online courses and your ebooks are fantastic? Thank you.

Executive Member Jan 2017


Thanks Bob. I have been relief teaching for a while now. I just couldn't find support material. Your site has grown and grown. You have added resources galore for members. I downloaded the Walking With Dinosaurs Kit from the Executive Suite. I used it with my year 9 class and had them eating out of the palm of my hands. 

Executive Member since Aug 2015
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