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Tons of FREE resources suitable for the relief teaching situations you encounter. Suitable for all ages, subjects, curriculum areas. 


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Hundreds of pages of articles written on hundreds of topics. Get opinions and seek support for classroom issues.


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Handy little processes that make relief teaching just a little easier. Specifically designed for the relief teaching classroom.

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Relief Teaching Pay

You must have the most up-to-date details about pay and conditions for your Relief Teaching gigs. You should know what you should be paid and under what conditions you should work.

Online Courses

Relief Teaching requires a range of skills. Here you will find a range of online courses on curriculum, behaviour management, literacy and professional matters. Receive credit towards your PD.

Managing Behaviour

Managing student behaviour while relief teaching brings a whole range of different issues. Relief Teachers need comprehensive support to manage student behaviour in the relief teaching classroom..

Dealing with Confrontation

I really liked learning about how to deal with the confrontation of the non-compliant student. This course re-enforces the duty a teacher has to value each student and support their learning. I suggest taking a break halfway through the course.

Carmel (The Solutions Course Nov 2017)

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Crisis Management

How to handle a CRISIS in your Relief Classroom

One Complete Day

One Complete Teaching Day. Everything you Need 

Great Build Up

The best part of Bob's online course is the build up as we step our way through from a reflection on setting learning outcomes to building authenticity to entry rituals and move the students classroom thinking from play to the business of learning.

Katherine (The Essentials July 2017)

Free Resources for Relief Teachers

Get the resources you need to do the relief teaching you want

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 Behaviour management Support

Behaviour Management can be like trying to find your way though a maze. If you are getting lost and need a little help with behaviour management in your relief teaching classroom, you are in the right place.

Classroom management

Relief teachers are in a unique position, We have the opportunity to do something great. We also have the opportunity to make a complete mess of things. 

Is your classroom management up to scratch?

There are HUNDREDS of PAGES to support Relief Teachers in this website. 

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