Active Reading

This is activity can be as easy or as complex as you like. But you need a couple of short stories that you can cut up. Check East of the Web for some great one page stories so print out about 10 -15.

Come armed with a couple of stories cut up into paragraphs, each placed into an envelope. (Relief Teachers always have time to do this at home)

1. Place the same story, cut up into pieces into an envelope. The children must put the story back together. OK - That's easy. Collect the pieces from the children if you are short on photocopying rights.

2. Now have 5 stories cut up into 5 pieces each and jumbled up into 5 envelopes. Now put 5 children in a group and each must develop five stories. A bit harder now, isn't it.

And what a powerful reading activity you have developed using a whole range of reading skills.

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