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This is a few of the comments about what Members Like Best​.

I love the resources and find them very practical. I often recommend your resources to others.

Jane M
Exeutive Member                 

I love this site because it caters specifically to the needs of relief teachers and the issue we face each day. 🙂

Bec T
Free Member                 

I visit at least once a week ad am very happy with my Executive membership. I really like the online courses and the fact that we can post comments throughout the course, read the opinions of collages and get feedback. I am also loving the free resources because they are different to the other stuff out there.

Gabry B
Executive Member                 

The material available is specifically for the relief teacher.  I also enjoy the regular newsletter. Well done Bob. You have good ideas.

Chris R
Executive Member                 

The resources are relevant and engaging for students. This site has some very useful tools for relief teachers.

Alison D
Executive Member                 

I really enjoy reading the helpful tips and strategies along with the free online courses and resources. I visit the site about once a week.

Cathy K
Executive Member