How to Keep Students Focussed and Engaged - EVEN those with FERAL misbehaviour.

A Resource Package to Save your Sanity and Keep ALL Students Engaged

Why these resources will solve your problems.

Engaging Students is a Challenge. I'm sure you’ve seen the trend for advanced colouring books. There are colouring books for everyone from mature adults, parents, teenage students, primary students,  infants - and every age in between. Colouring is being re-discovered.   

Experts are singing the cognitive benefits of colouring. But astute teachers have known about these benefits for students for centuries.

Colouring isn’t just a little kid's activity. Colouring benefits every student. Colouring has cognitive benefits for everyone. 

Teachers, parents and grandparents have known about the benefits of colouring for hundreds of years.

Experts are NOW discovering the ASTOUNDING EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS of colouring - something that Grandma knew years ago.

Read what the EXPERTS are SAYING about colouring activities.

relief teaching colouring activities

Colouring in pictures and drawings may seem like a simple task but there are so many learning benefits for children to engage in the act of colouring in.

Janice Davis 
Learning 4 Kids                 

There is a sound scientific underpinning for the purported benefits of using colouring books for learning.

'We now have technology that can measure brainwaves and heart rhythms that allows us to examine the impact certain things that you do have on the brain and its reactions.

'The most amazing things occurred when we observed students colouring —we started seeing changes in heart rate, changes in brainwaves.'

Colouring in pictures and drawings may seem like a simple task but there are so many learning benefits for children to engage in the act of colouring in.

Dr Stan Rodski 
via ABC Radio National                 

Colouring is such a simple activity yet it helps children to develop cognitively, psychologically and creatively in ways like no other activity 

Dena Pascoe 
Colour Psychology                 

Colouring sparks students' imagination and gives them an opportunity to express themselves. Colouring is an important educational tool. It has been proven that students who spend some time colouring have better concentration and focus skills than those who don't.

Arshi Kumot 
Mum Junction                 

Colouring requires students to use both of their hands together and improve Bilateral Coordination. Colouring supports Fine Motor Coordination, Self Regulation and Self Esteem. 

Beth Grayson  
Children's Centre for Growth and Development                 

Educational Benefits of Colouring

relief teaching colouring activities

Whether you have one or a few feral little monsters in your classroom, colouring activities will re-focus them into a compliant position. Colouring has been recommended as a stress reliever for hundreds of years. The world famous psychiatrist Carl Jung first recommended it to his patients as a way to relieve stress and anxiety. The calming effect that colouring has on students leads directly to higher productivity with the compliance nature of the activity. If students are less stressed, they will be more productive and efficient at getting things done.


If students are unproductive and lacking creativity,  turn to colouring. The act of putting colours to paper allows student to become creative. Colouring promotes a more relaxed approach so new ideas can form. Colouring allows creativity something without needing to learn a new skill. All students can colour. The production of piece of artwork to show promotes a sense of pride and achievement.


Every student, regardless of ages, needs to develop fine motor skills relevant to their age. Infant students need the skills to stay inside broad lines. Senior students benefit from the delicate skills of fine tuning their hand work with more intricate colouring activities. The actions, motions and precise grip involved in colouring aids in the development of the muscles of the fingers, hands and wrist.


There is a great deal of satisfaction and self esteem in completing a task which is regulated and creative. Colouring regularly and completing projects boosts a student's sense of working towards a goal, achieving and problem solving. Determining the nature and combination of colours that work together builds a problem solving paradigm. These skills are transferable across other curriculum areas. 

Colouring Builds an Ethos of Success 

What colouring activities can do for your students.
relief teaching colouring activities
Self - Expression

Every human being expresses themselves differently, and many students are visual in nature. Colouring is a fertile vehicle for self expression as children make colour decisions and flesh out the boundaries of a colouring activity

relief teaching colouring activities
Build curriculum link

Link to the current curriculum content with a colouring activity that gets the students thinking about the material being studied. Use animal pictures, occupation pictures, scenery relevant to what is being covered. Powerful and compelling links

relief teaching colouring activities
Understand Boundaries

Adhering to boundaries is an important part of student development. All students know the rules before starting. Colouring activities help with anchoring a sense of structure and the need and benefit of having boundaries. All students learn that playing by the rules is important.

relief teaching colouring activities
Artistic Appreciation

Colouring activities help children to learn and experiment with lines, shapes, colours/hues, perspective, patterns and forms. Students build an appreciation for art at the very core level of creating a personal piece of art. These skills transfer into art at a much deeper level of appreciation and understanding.

relief teaching colouring activities
Calming Therapy

Colouring is calming and therapeutic for students, especially those who have no other outlet for unpleasant or confusing emotions. Even students with out complex issues benefit from processing their feelings, frustrations and emotions though the simple but profound act of colouring.

relief teaching colouring activities
Motor Skills

Dexterity, hand strength and attention to detail are all required to write both printed letters and cursive script. Starting out with complex colouring activities early helps develop these qualities so that writing comes more easily and naturally. Older students benefit as well.

You need resources that support colouring

Let's face it.... You can use anything to use a colouring activity. Or Can you? Colouring is like all curriculum areas. You need differentiated colouring activities to match the needs of your students. A complex colouring activities for a less capable student would be a source of frustration. A simple colouring activity for a capable student would be equally frustrating. You could allow students to choose, if you had a variety of resources from which to select.

Relief teachers need a wide range to support the range of students they encounter. Like all curriculum activities, colouring activities need to support effective learning.  

Here is what's on offer.

relief teaching colouring activities


30 pages - A collection of spectacular imagery featuring landscapes and animals in the wild. Beautiful scenery with a focus on nature - including the jungle, the forests, Africa, water scenes, aerial views.

relief teaching colouring activities


345 pages of colouring blackline masters for colouring activities. The images are sorted into themes and working files. Use one of many. Perfect to use as a focus for a class curriculum project or application.

relief teaching colouring activities
relief teaching colouring activities


20 colouring templates from complex to the most mind-blowing imagery. These intricate colouring activities will challenge even the most capable of students and include activities that students will want to come back to often. 

What You Get

Big Book of Colouring

A massive 296 pages of colouring templates and images including  

  • letters of the alphabet,
  • numbers
  • shapes;
  • animals;
  • dinosaurs
  • Earth images;
  • Farm images and farm animals
  • plants and flowerts;
  • fruit and vergetables;
  • insects
  • transport images;
  • cartoon characters;
  • occupations
  • musical instruments
  • many more

Enough colouring blackline masters for the whole school year.

Sample Images

relief teaching colouring activities

Column 1

relief teaching colouring activities
relief teaching colouring activities
relief teaching colouring activities

Advanced Colouring Mega Pack

The most intricate and comprehensive templates for advanced colouring. Students will be enthralled with the complexities and the patterning of these templates. This will challenge the most capable problem solver with structure and design. The templates can be used individually or with a colouring peer. The final products could be gifts or hung with pride in the classrooms.


relief teaching colouring activities
relief teaching colouring activities

The Wild Colouring Discovery Pack

Students will be totally fascinated with the life like nature of these colouring activities representing studies of animals and landscapes in precision reality. The colouring of the  templates is for the advanced student who likes to explore hues and shading as well as colour combinations.  This is a 30 page exploration of elements in the WILD.


relief teaching colouring activities

Column 1

relief teaching colouring activities
relief teaching colouring activities

Column 3

Is This Kit Right for You?

This colouring curriculum resource is not for every teacher. 


  • The creative teacher who wants to expand student potential
  • The relief teacher who wants students to engage with learning activities which challenge their thinking.
  • The teacher who needs activities to bring feral students  back into line as well as provide for capable students.
  • The teacher who wants a challenge for all students involving learning and active engagement.


  • Teachers who HATE Art and would not be caught dead doing art activities.
  • Relief Teachers who never have behaviour problems in their classes.
  • Relief Teachers who don't know the cognitive, academic, social and curriculum benefits of colouring.
  • Relief teachers who have a box full of specialists art gear and don't have space for anything else.
relief teaching colouring activities
Get Student Engagement  Immediately

I guarantee your students will love these activities but if they don't don't engage with learning after doing these colouring tasks, I will refund your full purchase price in full and immediately. if your students don't love these activities I will give your money back - no questions asked. I guarantee you will engage every (repeat - EVERY) student in your class or you money will be refunded.

Bonus Section

relief teaching colouring activities
Calming Effects - Colouring Book

There is something soothing about these designs that students will instantly take ownership of the challenge. Your feral ratbags will do anything to be allowed to continue the colouring activities. Use these activities as an incentive


relief teaching colouring activities
Christmas Colouring Book for Children

The classics are just perfect for Christmas. Colouring brings focus to this time of the year, when managing student behaviour is often fraught with the perils of excitement. These 79 pages of colouring Christmas colouring templates will bring a certain Christmas peace to your classroom.


relief teaching colouring activities
Colouring the Masters

7 iconic master pieces are presented. A blackline master of the structure accompanies each master painting. All that is needed is colouring the either copy, improve or enhance the original painting. Teacher may, of course, not present the original until the master piece has been completed. Students could then compare and contrast their works with the original. Now - whose is better?


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