Back From Tassie

Bev and I just returned from a three week trip around Tassie. What a magnificent part of Australia! I know we have lots of Tassie members. I hope you are all very proud of your beautiful state. If you haven't visited Tasmania yet, do yourself a favour and DO IT.

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Hi Bob,

Just wanted to say THANKS so much for all your work. So very much appreciated to have a relief teaching network.

I need to tell you though (as a Tasmanian) folk can come any time of year, especially winter, to enjoy the state. Don’t let the cooler time put you off. It is a really busy time of year with the Winter Film Festival and Dark MoFo – folk will enjoy it nonstop. Maybe the science teachers want to come for the CONSTA Science Conference during the winter break???

That’s just a side point though. Thanks again for all your work.




    You are perfectly correct Jodie.

    I’m just a sookie Queenslander! I nearly froze my ears off at Mt Wellington.

    We will be back, but we’ll bring warmer clothes.

    We just loved Tassie.

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