Behaviour Management in the Classroom

Behaviour Management in the ClassroomBehaviour Management

Behaviour is critical to your success as a teacher. This eBook will prove a valuable resource in your personal behaviour management plan.

Is behaviour management causing you grief.

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If your behaviour management teaching strategies include ...

Sit down! Face the Front! Start Work! Stop Talking! 

Then this book is for you.

Do you know why your kids are behaving the way they do?

Do you have teaching strategies to support or hinder behaviour management?

Do you understand why your lessons aren't meeting the learning goals?

If you answer NO to any of these questions then this eBook is for you.

teaching strategies for behaviour management


Teaching is no easy task when you don't understand why your kids behave the way they do.

You MUST understand Behaviour Management.

If you want an academic report - go elsewhere.

If you want a report written by a professor - go elsewhere.

This is a report by someone who has





Behaviour Management is critical to your success.

Ok - enough sales talk! 

What's in this eBook?

Behaviour Management TOC

I'm not good at selling stuff. But I am good at what I do. 

Will this book solve every one of your problems? I doubt it. 

 Kids still misbehave in my lessons - occasionally!


But ....

using these strategies and these ideas may go a long way to improving how behaviour management works in your classroom.

This product comes will my 100% guarantee.

You can purchase this from the shop or get it free with Executive Membership.




If for any reason you don't like this product, I will return your money and you can keep the book for FREE. No questions asked.

The only question you need to ask now is - Will I buy a cup of coffee or this book?

The answer to that question depends on your criteria for success - a quick caffeine fix (Great! Love it!) or long-term success in your classroom (Excellent! Love it more!)

If you are a  member you only need to spend what you use to buy half a cup of coffee.

 Let me help you get on top of your behaviour management in your classroom.

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