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Behaviour Management Strategies

 For Your Classroom

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Behaviour Management Strategies are the essence to the success of your classroom. If you use behaviour management strategies effectively, they blend into the background.

It is essential that you have a wide repertiore of behaviour management strategies. As a classroom teacher you will be required to use these strategies constantly.

As a teacher, you are constantly bombarded with competing demands from students, parents, administrators and system managers.

If you don't get your behaviour management strategies in place you are going to find the classroom a very lonely place.

That is not going to happen.

This is the place where you will...

  • Build your behaviour management armoury.
  • Be equipped with the best behaviour management strategies,
  • Have the most effective behaviour management tools in your teaching tool box.
  • Master the strongest repertiore of behaviour management skills to handle the widest range of problems.

You are going to be the teacher every school wants.​

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Classroom Problems

We all know there are a range of classroom problems that are common to a lot of classroom. The behaviour management strategies employed to handle these problems share common elements.

We are going to look at the Classroom Problems and examine the most effective behaviour management strategies that good teachers use.

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Student defiance is a difficult classroom misbehaviour to manage. If student defiance is left unchecked, your authority in your classroom will suffer. You must take action. Learn the behaviour management strategies to deal with student defiance.

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Chatty students can be a bain of your existence. There are a few behaviour management strategies that work well with the chatty student. Don't let one student spoil your teaching day. Try these these TOP strategies.

Is your Noisy Classroom still a Learning Classroom?

Take this short quiz to see if students are still learning in your nosiy classroom. In 3 minutes you will know whether you really have a major problem.

How to Use the Antiseptic Bounce in Your Classroom.

The Antiseptic Bounce is an easy to behaviour management strategy. It is used as a reprieve from your most disruptive students. But it is most effective before they become disruptive. See how to use the antiseptic bounce in your classroom.

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