The Killer Behaviour Management Tool – How to Use Choices


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Giving Misbehaving Students CHOICES as a Behaviour Management Tool is over-rated. In fact most of the time this behaviour management tool will fail. Why and What is a better option to manage misbehaving students?

Use the Right Behaviour Management Tool

Typically, using choices as a behaviour management strategy goes something like this.

Student plays up and the teacher says.

"You have two choices. Either you sit back in your chair and get back to work or I will call the principal and have you removed."

You JUST disenfranchised Yourself

You now have to wait for the student to respond. You are pretty much at their mercy.

Giving students choices enables them to disenfranchise you from the decision making process in your own classroom.

The student now has the authority. You just handed them the baton.

You now have to wait for the answer of their choosing. Not only that, you have to accept the answer they select.

What happens now is that every little dipstick in the class observing this little exchange is smirking to themselves. There is a power-play in action and you are no longer in control. These little turkeys love that!

Using CHOICES as behaviour management tool will do that. Teachers normally use two choices. One is the choice that the TEACHER wants to happen ".,, get back to work ..."

The other choice "... be removed from class ..." is the one the teacher thinks will be so undesirable to the student that they will be forced to choice the preferred option.

It seldom works that way.

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