5 Ways Not to be Hated

5 Ways Not to be Hated Being liked by students is over rated. As a relief teacher you don’t really need to be liked to be effective.These 5 Ways Not to be Hated will improve the quality of your teaching. Find out how.​

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Grumble Words

Grumble Words  Grumble (Group + Jumble) words is a graphophonic skill building game suitable for students of all ages. Older students will become strategic and competitive as they incorporate increasing problem solving skills. A Teaching Resource for all relief teaching classrooms.

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Back From Tassie

Bev and I just returned from a three week trip around Tassie. What a magnificent part of Australia! I know we have lots of Tassie members. I hope you are all very proud of your beautiful state. If you haven’t visited Tasmania yet, do yourself a favour and DO IT. Be quick, though, because it […]

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Language Scrumbles

Scrumbles  Scrumbles are language activities suitable for lower to middle primary classes. Scrumbles build literacy skills and develop graphophonic competencies in students.Scrumbles keep students engaged .. and learning.Scrumbles Book 1 is available free to all executive members.You can download a SAMPLE Scrumble HERE.Executive Members can download the complete Scrumbles Book 1 from the Executive Suite​

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Stop MISBEHAVIOUR spoiling your day

Student misbehaviour will ruin your day and the learning opportunities of your students. A FIX is ONE CLICK away.

Managing Poor Student Attitude

Poor Student Attitude should not be taken personally. Relief teachers should see this in a greater social context. Don’t react to poor student attitude until you have thought through your responses. This situation may be more complex than you think.

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How Good Are You?

How Good are You? Or rather I should ask “How good do you think you are as a relief teacher?” This little quiz will take you through a few scenarios and ask you to select the most appropriate response for a relief teacher. The quiz will rank your result out of 40. Start the Quiz

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Why the Executive Suite Crashed February 2017

In a nut shell, I upgraded the security protocols to protect your identity. You will now see a little padlock on the pages where information might be stored. The padlock shows you the page you are on is encrypted, protecting all data on the page. You will notice that the prefix of the page is […]

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