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  • Expertly designed lessons to engage your students
  • Important curriculum applications for all students
  • Fully resourced and explained lesson plans
  • Video, powerpoint, blackline masters, worksheets
  • EVERYTHING you need to power your day home
  • All in one package                    
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Why You Will LOVE your My One Complete Teaching Day?

  •  Ease To Use

    Everything is clearly explained in one complete kit. Every resource is provided. Every detail mapped out. Everything your NEED.

  •  Better Behaviour

    Engaged students don't misbehave. All lessons meet the needs of every student in your class.

  •  Curriculum Relevance

    The key curriculum areas of literacy and numeracy are relevant to every learner.

  •  Use Again and Again

    Use this complete teaching day AGAIN and AGAIN. Take this complete day to all your relief teaching gigs.

  •  Engaging Lessons

    All learners will engage with this curriculum package - even the less capable students.

  •  Extension Activities

    A complete range of extension activities for your more capable learners.

Designed For Relief and Contract Teaching





Relief Teaching is DIFFERENT to regular teaching.


You don't have some of the advantages of regular teachers.


But the work you do is VITAL


You need to engage students with worthwhile curriculum experiences or you are going to BOMB OUT!.


The regular teacher is not going to leave GREAT lessons for YOU to teach? Who would? I know I wouldn't soend hours preparing great lessons for someone else to teach.


You can SINK or SWIM.




Time-fillers always create problems.


Sub-standard lessons WILL ALWAYS FAIL.


Students will misbehave when lessons are not relevant or appropriate. 







You need engaging activities that will keep students












You Need One Complete Teaching Day.




Day Plan Clearly Mapped Out.

Detailed Lesson Plans 


Every Minute is planned.


Lesson Plans fully detailing what you teach and what the students should learn.




Bring Order to Chaos.

Teach Relevant Curriculum 


You know students respond better to a relevant curriculum. Students know Mathematics and Literacy are important. 


Mathematics and Literacy should be key elements of every day.


My Teaching Day features both exclusively.


What You Get ...

Number Challenger

Start your day with a BANG! Build urgency with Number Challenger. Every student needs to sharpen their Maths Skills. The Number Challenger will keep every student FULLY FOCUSSED.

Real Mathematics Learning

Build REAL LIFE skills with MATHEMATICS from a shopping catalogue. These 10 activities have been taken from the eBook " 31 Ways to Use Shopping Catalogues". These Math Activities will challenge students and build their Maths skills at the same time.

Killer Math Card Games

Taken from the eBook "41 Killer Math Card Games" this activity is competitive. What student doesn't like competition. But students have to think mathematically. This will keep all students on their mathematical toes.

Literacy with A Banjo

Teaching poetry is OK. But Teaching AUSTRALIAN POETRY is BRILLIANT. This mulitmeadia presentation will take students into the life of Australia's greatest POET - "Banjo" Paterson. Students will learn what influenced his writing, how he got his famous nickname. Read to OR have the students read and learn sections of his famous poem, The Geebung Polo Club.

Using Quotation Marks in Punctuation

This is a great activity to settle students straight back into work after returning from a break. The powerpoint presentation will teach/review or consolidate the use of quotation marks in punctuation. This can be adapted to all learners in primary school, making it a PERFECT ADDITION to your one teaching day.

Fully Detailed Day and Lesson Plan

A complete and comprehensive day plan, lesson plans, blackline masters, file protocols, teaching tips, instructions. EVERYTHING you could possibly need to run My One Teaching Day.


FREE BONUS # 1 (Value $6.95)


Just in case some of your students finish early, grab a math activity from these Killer Math Crossword Activities.




Use these as extension activities for more able learners.


You could also save it for a complete lesson at another time. 





FREE BONUS #2 (Value $6.95)


41 Math Card Games 

All you need is a couple of decks of cards and 41 Killer Math Card Games to bring your mathematics program alive.




These activities can be used at all your relief teaching gigs.


When you get a full time class, you can continue to use these activities to enhance your mathematics program.


FREE BONUS #3 (Value $4.95)

A Plant Puzzle

A Complete Reading Unit for Middle/Upper Primary Students.


Includes a reading passage, comprehension activities and crossword puzzles.





Use these activities to extend your more able learners or consolidate the skills of early finishers.


You could keep it for a complete lesson at another reliefteaching gig.



   FREE BONUS #4 (Value $1.95)


Students will love the 10 shopping catalogue activities in My One Teaching Day.


You have the option to extend this activity by using some more of the 31 Ways to Use Shopping Catalogues in your classroom.




These 31 Ways to Use Shopping Catalogues in your classroom will bring mathematics alive.


Use these as extension activities or save them for your next teaching gig.



BONUS #5: Valued $14.95

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Build Your Own Crosswords Whenever You Like.





What Users Are Saying

Primary Teacher

Not Too Shabby At All

Bob, This is a great compilations of lessons. I couldn't get through them all in one day. Luckily I was asked to come back to the same class, so I had enough work for both days. Thanks for putting this together.                        

Secondary Teacher

Great! I Love It

I was a bit worried when I bought this for my third secondary relief day with a year 8 class. I had a terrible time on the first two days. These lessons were great. I loved the Banjo Paterson Unit. The kids really responded to the Geebung Polo club. Thanks Bob. You saved my sanity.

Primary Teacher

What a bargain!

Bob, THX for the Day Program. I've used it 5 times at different schools already. That makes it less than $4 per day. Interestingly I couldn't get the PowerPoint to work at one of the schools for the Quotation Exercise. Lucky you gave me the MP4 version as well. Saved my bacon good and proper. Good stuff, mate. Do you think you could replace the PowerPoint file for me?

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I would love to hear more
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Bob Brandis

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

  • What happens if I don't like My One Complete Teaching Day?

    All products are sold with my 100% money back guarantee.

  • Are these lessons adaptable?

    Certainly are! They can be added to middle and upper primary classes easily. With a little tweeking, they can be used in some secondary classes as well. You might expect older classrooms to do more and complete the activities faster.

  • Do I have to follow the day plan?

    No. You can modify the lessons as you see fit.

  • Do you have Set Two yet?

    Set Two is on the drawing board and will be out shortly.

  • Have these products been used in the classroom?

    Most definitely. I have personally used all these resources in my relief teaching gigs. These have been used widely by others in their own relief teaching gigs. Many classroom teachers are using these resources in their own classrooms.

  • Can I give these resources to my colleagues?

    No. These products have copyrights applied. You can use them in all your classes. Your colleagues are welcome to check them out themselves.

  • Can I use these lessons more than once.

    Yes. You can use these as many times as you wish.

  • Do have any days for Lower School?

    Lower School Teaching Days are almost ready.

To Your Success,

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