Relief Teaching Work Conditions Victoria

The conditions of employment for casual relief teachers including rate of pay are set out in Ministerial Order Number 200.

Casual relief teachers are paid for the actual hours of employment to the nearest 15 minutes, up to the maximum daily rate, and must be paid for a minimum of three hours for any one engagement.
The hourly rate of pay equals one-sixth of the daily rate based on the average school day (excluding 30 minutes for lunch). Casual relief teachers who are employed for a full day are paid the maximum daily rate. The casual relief teacher rate of pay includes a 20% loading that reflects the casual nature of the work and is in lieu of annual leave, personal leave, and public holidays.

The maximum hours of duty of a casual relief teacher are 38 hours per week which should be applied on a pro-rata basis if the period of employment is less than one week.

In determining the duties to be undertaken by a casual relief teacher it is important that the work required of the casual relief teacher is neither excessive nor unreasonable having regard to the nature and duration of the engagement. The range of duties that can be required of a casual relief teacher will vary depending on the circumstances of the engagement.

For example:

  • a casual relief teacher employed for a short period (less than a week) to replace a staff member would normally undertake a combination of face to face teaching and student supervision
  • a casual relief teacher employed for a number of weeks to replace a staff member would normally undertake the scheduled duties of that staff member.
  • a casual relief teacher employed to undertake a specific task or activity would undertake the duties required of that task or activity irrespective of the period of engagement

In addition to scheduled duties a casual relief teacher is entitled to an unpaid luncheon period of not less than 30 minutes free from assigned duties. However, payment must be made for any school recess periods.

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