Casual & Relief Teaching Pay and Conditions in Qld

Relief Teaching Pay FAQ QldRelief Teaching Pay in Queensland is made at the Band 3 Step 1 classification level. There is only one pay rate for all relief teachers in Queensland regardless of experience.

1. How much do I get paid?

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2. When do I get paid?
Usually you will be paid within a fortnight, but it could be earlier depending on the day you worked in relation to the pay cycle. Relief Teaching Pay days are every second Wednesday. Relief Teaching Pay slips are sent to the school you nominate i.e. most replacement teachers nominate their local school or a school that they regularly work at.

Relief Teaching Pay and Conditions Booklet

3. What do I need to provide to the Department?
A completed Tax File Number Declaration form (these can be obtained from your local post office/newsagent or ordered from the Australian Tax Office website.
A completed Personal Details Advice form 162k that includes your banking details.

4. If I have not been paid who do I contact?
If you do not receive your relief teaching pay, you should first contact the school where you completed the work should be your point of contact.

5. Do I need to keep a record of the days I have worked as a replacement teacher?
Yes. Keep a record of both the dates and the hours that you have worked and at what school, ideally on your home PC or written in a diary. When relief teaching pay is made, the dates paid appear on your relief teaching pay slip and this will allow you to cross check which days are paid and which days might still be outstanding. 

6. What is the minimum period of employment?
Relief teachers are able to be engaged in accordance with clause 4.1.4(g) of the certified agreement as follows:

'The minimum period of engagement of supply A (casual) teachers shall be two hours of rostered duty time provided that no more than one engagement shall be permitted at one school on the same day.'

7. Bus duty?
Replacement teachers are not required to attend to before or after school bus duty.

8. Morning tea and lunch breaks?
Morning tea breaks are included as paid meal breaks and therefore are part of rostered duty time (teaching time). Lunch breaks are not.

9. Playground duty?
You can be directed by the school to perform playground duty (even if the teacher you are replacing is not scheduled to do so) provided you are still given your lunch time entitlement.

However if you are engaged for less than a school day, you are not required to attend to lunchtime playground duty following the end of the period of a morning engagement, or prior to commencement of duty for an afternoon engagement.

10. Specified Sites allowance?
A specified sites allowance (SSA) is paid to teachers working in specified Special Education Facilities or specified schools serving indigenous communities, as identified in the Department of Education and Training Teachers' Certified Agreement 2010 .

The additional rate paid to replacement teachers working in a specified site is $0.7331 per hour.

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