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Motivational Questioning Strategy is the Boss

Use the Right Behaviour Management ToolTypically, using choices as a behaviour management strategy goes something like this.Student plays up and the teacher says.”You have two choices. Either you get back to work or I will call the principal and have you removed.”this doesn’t ALWAYS workMotivational Questioning is two pronged strategy which was developed in 1993 to […]

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Proven Techniques to Control the Unruly Class

Have you ever stepped into a classroom and felt the burning rush of heat envelope you?You may have just encountered the UNRULY CLASS – the one your teaching friends warned you about. If you are looking for help to Control the Unruly Class, this is the course for you.​The course joins the suite of FREE […]

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Sure Fire Relief Teaching Hacks that add Power to Your Day.

Relief Teaching Hacks make your life Easier.Teaching hacks are strategies, ideas, approaches or hints which can be applied to most relief teaching classrooms and work with most students.They have been tried in one form or other and have worked for some teachers at some time or other. But ……you can not build a sold relief […]

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Are you the worst behaved in your classroom?

Your teacher behaviour could make you the worst behaved in your own classroom.Seriously. Just like students, teachers make choices about their own behaviours. Check your teacher behaviour to ensure you aren’t the worst behaved in your own classroom.

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5 Ways Not to be Hated

5 Ways Not to be Hated Being liked by students is over rated. As a relief teacher you don’t really need to be liked to be effective.These 5 Ways Not to be Hated will improve the quality of your teaching. Find out how.​

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Grumble Words

Grumble Words  Grumble (Group + Jumble) words is a graphophonic skill building game suitable for students of all ages. Older students will become strategic and competitive as they incorporate increasing problem solving skills. A Teaching Resource for all relief teaching classrooms.

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Language Scrumbles

Scrumbles  Scrumbles are language activities suitable for lower to middle primary classes. Scrumbles build literacy skills and develop graphophonic competencies in students.Scrumbles keep students engaged .. and learning.Scrumbles Book 1 is available free to all executive members.You can download a SAMPLE Scrumble HERE.Executive Members can download the complete Scrumbles Book 1 from the Executive Suite​

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