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Class Cover for relief teacher

So what is Class Cover?

Class Cover for relief teaching

A mover & shaker 

on the casual and relief teaching block

Let me start out with saying what it is NOT.

  • ClassCover is NOT a recruitment agency.
  • ClassCover does NOT place relief teachers at schools.
 So what is it?

For Casual and Relief Teachers 

   IS TOTALLY FREE to build an online presence.

  • ClassCover allows casual and relief teachers to build an online professional CV. (I joined & loaded my CV and it literally only takes a few minutes.)
  • You can choose schools for which you would like to be available for relief teaching and include the times and dates of your availability.
  • You can add/modify to your CV at anytime by including images, referee statement, past experiences - there really is no limit to how you can build your relief teaching online presence.
  • Schools search this database and the school will contact you directly to discuss your relief teaching appointment details.
For relief teaching, relief teachers and schools, this is a WIN-WIN!
ClassCover sets a new and exciting standard in providing support for relief teaching and schools.
As a past principal and current relief teaching in schools I can only see ClassCover becoming a force of the future.
I know there are many schools using ClassCover exclusively to arrange their casual and relief arrangements. I also know more and more schools are coming on board. I believe it is great time to put yourself out there and build a professional presence.
Schools might just be looking for your skills right NOW.
For Schools

ClassCover is a total system for arranging for staff absences. As an ex-principal, this system would have saved my school HOURS in organising classroom covers.

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