10 TIPS that make a GREAT relief teacher.

great relief teacher

Be a Great Relief Teacher

I have seen some great relief teachers. I have seen some great relief teachers. I have seen some terrible  relief teachers too, but luckily they are far and few between.

What I have found is that they have ten things in common. What are they?That is the key question. People have been discussing this topic for hundreds of years.

Roseanne LiesveldAuthor "Teach With your Strengths"                 

Being a GREAT teacher require an in depth analysis. But it won't work if you just work on your weaknesses. You have to identify your strengths

Roseanne shows how to identify your strengths. She looks at common elements on how a great relief teacher inspires their students.

What makes a great relief teacher has been the focus of many academic exercises. This is not one of them.

I am sure you could find academic details by searching the internet. These are just observations from my experience.

10 Tips to Being a Great Relief Teacher



A great relief teacher has an unrelenting attitude towards kids achieving results. Notice the word “unrelenting”. That’s the same message that kids get. They are pretty astute. They know whether you are there to fill in the day or value add to theirs. If it’s the latter, you will have fewer problems with the kids



A great teacher builds on relationships. Relationship is education’s equivalent of the Real Estate “position, position, position” catchcry. A great relief teacher hs empathy with and understanding of student needs.



A great teacher is organised. Casual and relief teachers must have a day set out, even if there are interruptions. Show the students your program. Students usually work when teachers do as well.



A great relief teacher is a great sharer. Sharing and receiving of good ideas is what keeps schools and education dynamic. Be a sharer and accept sharing from others. A collegiate network makes professionals.



A great relief teacher is firm but flexible. Surprisingly, great relief teachers seldom need to raise their voice because students know that their prime purpose is to valued add to their day. Don’t get me wrong, a school day is seldom without drama, but a great teacher uses authority to bring order rather than aggression.



A great teacher gives clear unambiguous directions. Remember the KISS principle. Keep things SIMPLE.



Great teachers have high expectations. This goes for work, compliance, standards. Students will rise (or fall) to the standards set by the teacher.



Great relief teachers engage students in learning. The reality is that engaged students learn. These teachers have the skill of engaging students IN learning rather than teaching TO them.



Great teachers know that positives outperform punishment. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.



Great teachers are focussed. They keep what is most important well...MOST... important. They aren't distracted from their single goal – whatever the goal at the time is.