Relief Teaching Mistakes

relief teaching mistakes

Relief Teaching Mistakes will spoil your day, unfortunately. 

Of course, there are some mistakes that will make a mess of your day but won't really have an impact on your classroom duties.

Relief Teaching Mistakes You Should Never Make

But there are some relief teaching mistakes that will destroy your credibility with the students of your relief teaching classroom. 

They are critical because these relief teaching mistakes are difficult from which to recover.​ Your relief teaching credentials are at stake.

relief teaching mistakes

Teaching Blunders

There are teaching blunders that relate to teaching. We all make them from time to time. These are blunders that classroom teachers make from time to time. These mistakes are not specific to relief teachers.

This blunders are not catastrophic and will give scope to recover your classroom.

These blunders don't help much but they are seldom fatal to learning.

There are also easy fixes as these blunders simply require a small change to the classroom management protocols.​

Relief teaching mistakes are often made by beginning relief teachers who are new to the relief teaching game. But not always. These relief teaching mistakes are sometimes made by rookie teachers new to the relief teaching gigs.

However, it not unusual to find these relief teaching mistakes made by experienced relief teachers. ​Perhaps this mistakes are made during a moment of haste.

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

Albert Einstein

relief teaching mistakes

Mistakes Impact on Learning

We all make mistakes from time to time. Classroom Management Behaviours become automatic after hundreds of episodes of practice. The problem is that few classroom management strategies are practised hundreds of times.

Teachers tend to stick to a few teaching favourite classroom management strategies.

However, these mistakes will certainly impact on the success of the learning program of your classroom.​ 

This skills of the good relief teacher is to repair the damage before the mistake becomes a critical factor in the learning outcomes.​

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