Classroom Rules, Limits and Choices

Classroom Rules

I have spoken about my opinions on classroom rules lots of times. We make classroom rules much more complicated than they need to be. There are only two classrooms rules that make a difference. Just what are they?

Classroom rules

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Interesting view. All new teaching books suggest making class rules together as students will own them. But when I was at school we never did and we still followed the teachers rules. Perhaps we are treating children too much like adults… I might decide after having a permanent teaching job.
Also are these students really going to make the right choice if given one?
Plus remember the time it takes for a student to choose between two options, sometimes you could spend a whole lesson waiting for them to choose. When I first started out I would try and be nice and let them choose but it just wastes to much valuable learning time.


    I agree with you Kristi. I don’t think kids “own” the rules 3 minutes after making them. Keep is SIMPLE I say. If all kids followed those two simple rules, my day (and yours probably) and the students’ day would be so much easier.

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