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Worksheets are your tools. A worksheet does not make a good teacher any more than a hammer makes a good builder. I was a bit sceptical when I looked at the Making Math Fun series. The last thing I need as a relief teacher is a time-waster. But these Cool Math Games had me at "Hello".
 They are great!

Really Great!

So much so that I bought the series for myself.

Let's face it, math can be fun but not all kids think it is.

The goal of mathematics is active learning.

But you have to cater for different learning styles with a variety of math activities.

Kids are used to being entertained.

But "entertained" doesn't always equal active learning.

Nor do all math activities.

Making Math Fun

That's why the Making Math Fun series is such a fabulous series for teachers.

Every one of the hundreds of math games and math activities has a clear math skills.

Active learning is the primary focus with each one of the math activities catering for different learning styles.

Clearly what worked in the past, doesn't necessarily work today.

Many kids don't want to learn math skills or practice math, but  kids appreciate active learning and cool math games.

No wonder you feel frustrated!

You know that math skills are vital to every child’s future.

But many kids struggle with math and don't enjoy it at all.

It doesn't have to be like this!

Cool Math Games

Imagine having, at your disposal, hundreds of cool math games that promote active learning, cater for different learning styles and keeps kids engaged with math games so that they don't even want to stop.

Even when you ask them to.

Wouldn't that be great?

Cool math games motivate kids so they learn the basics of math.


Cool Math Games -Making Math FunThe first is a game of 27. There are 6 games to a sheet. Kids play in a pairs. They colour a hexagon in turn. The first to 27 wins. Tell me that's not a brilliant idea. It would be fabulous for those early finishers and I reckon even bigger kids would go for this one. And the math that they are practising while playing. Gold!

Imagine the satisfaction from seeing your kid's math skills soar and their grades going up.

Now you can get kids engaged in math and wanting to do more day after day....

All the hard work has been done for you.

You can have all the cool math games that you need to make math fun, interesting and effective.

The Making Math Fun series are electronic books (e-books) that are downloaded to your computer in a flash.

Which means you can be reading them and playing all these cool math games in as little as 5 minutes from now.

Finding quality, kids math games that cater for different learning styles isn't easy.

But now you can have hundreds of  cool math games whenever you need.

You will find Printable Math Board Games, Math Card Games, Math Print and Play Games Sheets and load and loads of Math Games Ideas.

Some math games can sometimes feel like math drills.

But this collection of Printable Math Games is NOT a collection of the same old tired games that you might find free on a website somewhere.

These are true skill focussed math activities which cater for different learning styles and GET RESULTS.

I purchased the whole set and LOVE them.

And so do the classes that I teach.


Cool Math Games - Making Math FunThe other one that impressed me was this one. This will test the strategists in the class. Colour in either 1,2,3 or 4 dots. Dots have to be connected in a vertical or horizontal row. Person who colours the last dot wins. There are 15 to a sheet.

You can check out all the samples HERE before you buy.  There are heaps of freebies when you purchase the set. I purchased the GOLD set and they work out to less that $3 a book.

I'm going to use these as games for the grandkids when they come over.

The best part is that you get the ebooks as downloads IMMEDIATELY.

It takes a matter of seconds to download them all.

I would imagine your budget is limited for resources (and whose isn't). If you buy one resource this year, I reckon this ought to be the one.

Visit Making Math Fun and check it out.

Making Math Fun



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I have used this website several times since you have introduced it to us. I have even passed on the link to some of my parents who have come to me and have struggled with helping their child with homework. I have not exposed the students to the link, due to my thought that middle school students are not mature enough to use the site as a tool as opposed to using it as a solution center. I know students still need to demonstrate knowledge through assessment, but my thoughts are students will take the easy road out until pushed to demonstrate understanding.


    Thanks for your kind comments Roberta. I have to say Making Math Fun series is one of the best teaching resources I have seen for ages.


Bob I bought them and have already started using them. My kids luv em!!!!! Thanks heaps…..


    That’s great to hear Kylie. I find the kids love them too.


I am using them with years 2 & 3. It’s a great way to figure out who has number down pat and who needs work


    This kit is very versatile. I am using the activities with senior primary students but I can see them being useful for all year levels.


I just bought this set based on your recommendation. Can I say it is brilliant. I have a 4/5/6 composite class. I have made a lot of the sheets into learning centre activities. Kids love them.


Great resource. I’ve actually had it for a while. I love the free stuff that keeps on coming from the publisher. I have enough math work for a year. How to you use Making Math Fun in your classrooms, Bob? Any new ideas?


    Thanks for your kind comments Carrie. Actually I have a few free video lessons almost ready for publication. Just ironing out a few bugs. I hope to have them on the site early April.


Nice Post. Thank you.

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