The Easiest & Best Literacy Activity YOU WILL EVER USE  in your Classroom.

Busy teachers do not have time to produce quality literacy crossword activities.

Until Now ....

Suddenly crossword construction got easy with The My Crossword Maker Suite!

The benefits of crosswords in the classroom are widely known. Every classroom teacher on the planet knows that crosswords are fabulous for building and enhancing writing, spelling, decoding skills.

Crosswords offer a strategic platform like no other program.

And students love them. 

Crosswords are the classroom "GO TO" activities for literacy development.

Crosswords are one of the most versatile teaching tools available.

Use Crosswords if you want ...

  • Develop an individual activity for all students.
  • Build the skills of more cabable students
  • Create extension activitiies
  • Remediate specific skills
  • Introduce, develop or test specific knowledge of skill
  • Create your own words and clues

My Crossword Maker

My Crossword Maker is a high quality, low-cost, stand alone crossword maker for the classroom teacher who loves preparing their own crosswords. This item comes FREE for Life Membership.

  • Integrated Dictionary
  • ONE CLICK Definition, Closure, Scrambled and Math Equations Clues
  • Instant Print, Save, PDF, JPG
  • Up to 50 Words

My Crossword Maker Plus

My Crossword Maker Plus is built for the bust teacher who does not like wasting time preparing literacy activities.  MCM Plus contains a fully integrated dictionary which is updated often. MCM Plus comes with a complete list of dictionary words. 

  • Integrated Dictionary
  • ONE CLICK Picture Clues, Scrambled, Word Pattern Clues
  • Instant Print, Save, PDF, JPG
  • Up to 50 Words

My Picture Crossword Maker

Add pictures for clues. A comprehensive integrated dictionary continually updated. Integrated word list of dictionary entries with curriculum themed entries. Designed for printed black line masters. 

  • Any and EVERY word can be used
  • ONE CLICK Clue entry
  • Instant Print, Save, PDF, JPG
  • Up to 50 Words

My Scamble Crossword Maker

Build graphophonic skills, semantic and syntactic analysis, spelling, decoding skills with My Scramble Crossword Maker.

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Using Crosswords in the Relief Teaching classroom requires a slightly different approach. 

Learn the tricks that keeps these powerful literacy activities worthwhile and relevant to your students. 


There are a few little tweaks you can make to crosswords that will make them one powerful and engaging literacy activity.

These little GEMS will have you wondering how you lived so long without using them before.

HOW TO USE CROSSWORDS - an online course.

A FREE online course showing you how to use crossword in your classroom. Video presentations using My Crossword Maker. Learn tricks and tips.

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