When Literacy is IMPORTANT You NEED to cover all BASES

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Teachers spend FAR TOO MUCH TIME PREPARING resources and activities for their classes.


"My promise to you is My Crossword Makers will produce relevant, classroom applicable, multi-faceted literacy activities faster than any other on the market or you will get your money back"

My Crossword Makers are NOT for you if...

  • You like spending hours preparing your teaching resources
  • You are happy spending more time preparing than students do working 
  • Your literacy program is producing "straight A" students.
  • Your NAPLAN results are off the scale (the right way)
  • You do not need extension activities for your more able students to develop high level literacy skills.
  • Your less able students do not need to consolidate basic writing skills.
  • You are a busy classroom teacher , looking for a quick and easy way to produce literacy activities that extend all students.
  • You are probably sick and tired of spending a fortune on commercially produced resources that do not meet your curriculum needs or the needs of students.
  • You need ONE resource that meets the educational needs of EVERY student in your class without making time-consuming alterations.
  • You understand that, to get the big picture, literacy involves the development and  mastery of micro-skills before students truly become fully literate.

All My Crossword Makers have the following amazing features

  • Lifetime Updates
  • INSTANT Send to PRINTER command
  • ALL construction command options
  • 24/7 support
  • No internet needed to run
  • Produce pdf and jpg files in ONE CLICK
  • Access to Support Videos
  • Crossword Puzzle Banks
  • Range of Literacy Resources in Lexile Ranking

My Crossword Maker 

For  the budget conscious teacher who likes to do all their own preparation.

This is the high quality crossword maker at the budget price. This is where all the other crossword makers on the market are currently placed.

  • Enter Own Data
  • Enter words and clues manually
  • Dictionary

$12 .95

My Crossword Maker Plus

For the busy teacher - all the benefits without  the work.

  • Integrated Dictionary with Updates
  • Definition Clues
  • Clozure Clues,
  • Scrambled Clue
  • Mathematical Equations
  • Picture Clues


My Picture Crossword Maker

For the teacher who likes to challenging literacy activities without wasting time.

  • Integrated Dictionary with Word List and Updates
  • Picture Clues for dictionary words
  • Missing Letter Clues for non-dictionary words
  • Mathematics Equations

No credit card required.

My Scamble Crossword Maker

For the teacher who likes to provide alternative literacy challenges.

  • Scrambled Words
  • Spaced out Words
  • Clumped Words
  • Dictionary without the need for updates
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Picture Clues


No credit card required.

The Saver Bundle

For the teacher who wants  to develop every literacy opportunities for students.

My Crossword Maker Plus

My Scramble Crosword Maker