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Teachers spend FAR TOO MUCH TIME PREPARING resources and activities for their classes.


"My promise to you is My Crossword Makers will produce relevant, classroom applicable, multi-faceted literacy activities faster than any other on the market or you will get your money back"

My Crossword Makers are NOT for you if...

  • You like spending hours preparing your teaching resources
  • You are happy spending more time preparing than students do working 
  • Your literacy program is producing "straight A" students.
  • Your NAPLAN results are off the scale (the right way)
  • You do not need extension activities for your more able students to develop high level literacy skills.
  • Your less able students do not need to consolidate basic writing skills.
  • You are a busy classroom teacher , looking for a quick and easy way to produce literacy activities that extend all students.
  • You are probably sick and tired of spending a fortune on commercially produced resources that do not meet your curriculum needs or the needs of students.
  • You need ONE resource that meets the educational needs of EVERY student in your class without making time-consuming alterations.
  • You understand that, to get the big picture, literacy involves the development and  mastery of micro-skills before students truly become fully literate.

All My Crossword Makers have the following amazing features

  • Lifetime Updates
  • INSTANT Send to PRINTER command
  • ALL construction command options
  • 24/7 support
  • No internet needed to run
  • Produce pdf and jpg files in ONE CLICK
  • Access to Support Videos
  • Crossword Puzzle Banks
  • Range of Literacy Resources in Lexile Ranking

My Crossword Maker 

For  the budget conscious teacher who likes to do all their own preparation.

This is the high quality crossword maker at the budget price. This is where all the other crossword makers on the market are currently placed.

  • Enter Own Data
  • Enter words and clues manually
  • Dictionary

$12 .95

My Crossword Maker Plus

For the busy teacher - all the benefits without  the work.

  • Integrated Dictionary with Updates
  • Definition Clues
  • Clozure Clues,
  • Scrambled Clue
  • Mathematical Equations
  • Picture Clues


My Picture Crossword Maker

For the teacher who likes to challenging literacy activities without wasting time.

  • Integrated Dictionary with Word List and Updates
  • Picture Clues for dictionary words
  • Missing Letter Clues for non-dictionary words
  • Mathematics Equations

No credit card required.

My Scamble Crossword Maker

For the teacher who likes to provide alternative literacy challenges.

  • Scrambled Words
  • Spaced out Words
  • Clumped Words
  • Dictionary without the need for updates
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Picture Clues


No credit card required.

The Saver Bundle

For the teacher who wants  to develop every literacy opportunities for students.

My Crossword Maker Plus

My Scramble Crosword Maker

My Picture Crossword Maker

Save OVER $20

$36.95 for the bundle

No credit card required.

Here are the Wow-Factors!

NO crossword makers on the market has the comprehensive features of the suite of My Crossword Makers


My Crossword Makers produce multiple teaching resources using the same data. You won't reinvent wheels but you will be the driver.

Easy to Use

If you can enter words, you can produce dozens of powerful literacy activities in seconds with little more than  a computer and a click of a mouse. 


Print, Save, Change, Upload, Link, Unlink, Generate PDF files, graphics. Use our activity template or make your own.

For All Students

Produce literacy activities for EVERY student in EVERY subject of EVERY ability level for EVERY grade. Make it complex or easy. The choice is YOURS.

Integrated Dictionaries

Our integrated dictionaries generate clues including definitions, clozure passages, scrambled words, images clues even math equations with ONE CLICK

Tech Talk

Suit any version of Windows for XP, Vista,  7, 8 and 10. No internet connection needed to produce activities. This is stand alone program.

24/7 Updates

The dictionary updates are available 24/7 using a SPEEDY one click update button. Update often to increase the power of your Crossword Maker

Members Only Lounge

Member only access to  FREE resources including activity books, puzzle library and multi-media resources. 24/7 HELP support ticket.

Images as Clues

Want clues as images? My Picture Crossword Maker has it all. over 1000 images as crossword clues. Suitable fro preschool to Physics students.

Get instant access to MY CROSSWORD MAKERS now!

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Not Sure Which Crossword Maker?

Try the Sample Version of My Picture Crossword Maker.

This is a great way to test drive the crossword maker before you finally buy. Take My Picture Crossword Maker for a spin, kick the tyres and test out what is available. You can produce a picture crossword with My Picture Crossword Maker - Free Version. Not all features are operational. When you are ready, click the upgrade button on the SCREEN of My Picture Crossword Maker and all will be up and running in no time.

Bob Brandis

Try the Sample Version of My Crossword Maker Plus

The free version of My Crossword Maker has more features than most of the other crossword makers on the market. You will be able to produce a definition based crossword, a closure passage based crossword, a scrambled word clue crossword or a combination of all three.

When you are ready to upgrade, simply click the button and all the features of this powerhouse product will turn on.

Bob Brandis

Want More? - You Got It!

ALL these FREE resources come every My Crossword Maker package (except the Free versions).

Top 6 Ways Relief Teachers can Use Crosswords. Relief Teachers do not have the luxury of time to prepare. That is why this book is written especially for Relief Teachers.

It is a FREE edition for every purchase from the My Crossword Maker suite.

How to Use Crossword in the Classroom - On Line Course

Learn how to implement crosswords into your classroom. Crosswords can be the most powerful literacy tool in your arsenal - or the biggest time waster on the timetable.

The online course How to Use Crosswords in the Classroom will show you how to do it correctly.​

And More ...

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All My Crossword Maker sold with my 100% SATISFACTION GUARENTEE.  If for any reason, you are not 100% with your product your money will be refunded immediately via the PayPal refund process. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. 


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Are your products guaranteed?

What happens if you upgrade the software?

Where can I get help with the installation?

How often are the dictionaries updated?

Where can I get some help with crossword construction?

What happens if you upgrade the software?

Are there any crossword course I can do to help me implement crosswords into my classroom?

Can I give a copy to my colleagues?

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My Crossword Maker 

$12 .95

My Crossword Maker Plus


My Picture Crossword Maker


My Scramble Crossword Maker