Teaching English with worksheets that challenge.

English worksheetsTeaching English with worksheets is a challenge.

Some worksheets just teach kids how to do worksheets!

Teaching kids language arts (or english or just language whatever you wish to call it) really has to make a difference.

Your worksheet should actively engage the students in learning.This is one of those language arts worksheets that will do just that.

The goal of Word Place is, funnily enough to Place a Word.

Students are presented with a grid, much like a crossword.

English Worksheets

Inside this grid, students must place words from a word bank.

This language arts activity is focused on body parts; the body parts that are appropriate for classrooms.

You could use this as a teaching moment by teaching what the body parts actually do, where they are. But that is not necessary. This is a stand alone language arts activity.


English worksheets

The goal is to strategize the word placement. This is a teaching moment. For a start, INTESTINE is the only 9 letter word so it must fit in the only 9 empty spaces. Place the word, sets up three connecting opportunity - A 6 letter word with the 3rd letter "N" (tendon), a 7 letter word starting with "S" (stomach)and a 6 letter word ending with "N" (tendon or spleen).

The Word Place will proceed with students making choices and checking inter-connecting letters for word options.

Language Arts Teaching Word Place

I have used this style of sheet when relief teaching in several year levels with great results.The kids are challenged and are often forced to work in pairs to get the answers.

At the end of the lesson I give the students a spelling test on the words they have just used.

This has proven to be one of those good culminating worksheets that work well for all classes.

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