Why the Executive Suite Crashed February 2017

In a nut shell, I upgraded the security protocols to protect your identity.

You will now see a little padlock on the pages where information might be stored.

The padlock shows you the page you are on is encrypted, protecting all data on the page.

You will notice that the prefix of the page is now https://www.reliefteaching.com

That means all the links on my site (there are 34,000) will be progressively updated to include the new security.

The Executive Suite, which requires membership before access, stopped working until some of links were fixed.

The Executive Suite is now online.

Are all the links fixed?

The important links are repaired. I take your security very seriously. I do not store personal data. I do not collect anything more than is needed to run the site. I do not accept credit cards and have the highest possible security for PayPal payments. Any purchase is through Woocommerce which has the strongest security measure. I do not have any financial data on site.

I am working through the links as quickly as possible.

Should I be worried if a page does not show a padlock?

Every page that collects or stores data is secured by my SSL certificate.

Some pages are not yet secured because the page links to many pages. The pages where no data is collected or stored will be secured last.

Some pages have images that are stored on my server.

When a webpage loads an image it takes the image from a web address such as https://www.reliefteaching.com/logo.jpg. These links need to be changed to https://www.reliefteaching.com/logo.jpg  Until that is completed some pages will not show a lock.

However, the data for important information is secured. (see below)

What happens if a link doesn't work?

Let me know and I'll fix it.



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