How to Find What You are Looking For

relief teaching site map

Don't you hate it?

Just like losing your car keys,  not finding what you are looking for is a nuisance. A blasted nuisance. is a big site with thousands of articles, hundreds of pages, hundreds of lessons, thousands of hints and ideas as well as dozens of products. Not finding what you are looking for can also be a blasted nuisance.

How on earth do you find ANYTHING amongst all this information.

Well, it's not that difficult. Here are a couple of quick short cuts that will help you find what you are looking.

Search the Whole Site is made up of posts and pages. The posts are excerpts. If you want to read more about the information in the post, you are directed to a page.

The pages are all stored in a filing system called the site map.

The Site Map

The site map is like any filing system with directories and subdirectories. In the sample below the directory is Managing Student Behaviour and a number of pages are included in this directory.

You can bring up the site map from the menu bar or CLICK HERE.

Relief teaching site map

Each page title is a hyperlink, so clicking that title will take you straight to that page.

The site map contains every page on site. Not all pages are available to all members. Once the site map is up you can scroll through the pages to find what you are looking for.

Or you can search using a search bar. CTRL + F will bring activate a search bar. The video below will demonstrate.

Using a search bar and the Site Map.

Using the Content Tabs

You can bring up the CONTENT tabs from the Main Menu.

relief teaching article bank

Once you click into the Content Tab you can select the main category of your choosing.

relief teaching article bank

This will bring up a list of articles including posts and pages of that category. Selecting a tab will open a precis containing the first few sentences of the article.

relief teaching article bank

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