Tips on Getting Relief Teaching Work.

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I received this email and thought I would share my thoughts about these key relief teaching employment issues. I understand getting a foot in the relief teaching door can sometimes be difficult, but it is never impossible.

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I don’t agree that teachers have to market themselves like you say. We earned our degree and that should be enough to get a job. Otherwise we could be selected on the length of our hair, whether we have tatts or whether we suck up to the boss. It’s not fair. Teachers should be appointed on their merits.


    Hi Jag. You are correct. Teachers should be appointed on their merits. You just need to show people what those merits are.


Yes I agree with Jag and Bob. The sad part is that if you are naturally dedicated and reliable and marketing yourself is not a natural thing to do for you, it is hard to get your merits noticed. Also, schools should have a system in place (maybe somesort of performance indicators) that provides the right career direction to qualified, dedicated, reliable, responsible and diligent casual teachers and continue to employ them instead of employing teachers based on connections, first impressions, availability and favouritism.


    Spot on Flosey. I know as a principal, my hands were often tied but an outdated system of selection. Education Departments seem to have turned a blind eye to relief teachers.

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