Have you Scruzzled Today?

Scruzzles are thinking student's puzzles.

You want your students to master graphophonics, don't you?

You want your students to be actively engaged in learning, don't you?

You want an activity that challenges your students and also teaches reading and spelling skills, don't you?

Of course you do,

Every classroom teacher on this planet wants their students to be actively involved in learning.

But passive teaching just doesn't cut it any more.

Your students need DOING!

We all know that students need to DO something to stay engaged.

Scruzzles are DOING and LEARNING activities. 

The premise is simple. Students need to be proficient at graphophonics to master language. Students needs to be able to

  • Recognise letter patterns that work together. 
  • Sound out consonant blends.
  • Understand vowel blends in context.
  • Understand that vowel sounds are different in different words.
  • Make decisions based on likely graphic patterns.
  • Learn spelling possibilities.
  • Group vowels and consonants in possible patterns.
  • Understand structure and phonics work together.
  • Make judgements based on letter combinations.
  • Spell
  • Read

Students need Scruzzles. 


Students start with a sheet which they need to cut into tiles. (DOING)


Each tile contains elements of words. Students will look at each tile and predict the graphophonic nature of the tile. (LEARNING)


Using graphophnic skills, students maneouvre each tile into a grid to make a list of horizontal words.  (LEARNING  & DOING)


Students glue the grid of completed horizontal words into their books.  (DOING)


Once the grid is completed the you can apply any variation you desire. 

  • Use each word in a sentence.
  • Place the words in alpahbetical order
  • Write a definition for each word
  • Do another more complex scruzzle
  • You can apply hundreds of alternatives.

There are 

  • SCRUZZLES that take time to complete
  • 5 word right up to 8 word SCRUZZLES
  • SCRUZZLES to suit all occasions.

There are SCRUZZLES for every student in your classroom.

There are even speciality SCRUZZLES with curriculum themed words.

The BEST part is these are ALL FREE for MEMBERS.

Try A SCRUZZLE with your class. 

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