Bob Brandis: Hot Tips to Make you the Best Relief Teacher

Relief Teaching Money Back Guarantee.
A guide to make you the best relief teacher ever.
  • Learn Powerful Cooperative Teaching Strategies. Provides step by step ideas to put 6 of the most powerful teaching strategies in place for every classroom.
  • Learn Strategies to Manage Crisis Events. Shows how to deal with bullying, manage playground fights, How to manage chatty classes and what to do when things go PEAR SHAPED. 
  • Learn HOT classroom management strategies. Provides a step–by–step implementation plan for peer tutoring, mathematics and literacy activities and how to talk to students.

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JasonPirmary Teacher

“Hot Tips now lives on my iPad as a kindle book. I have a quick glance of the ideas a couple of times just to keep my ideas fresh and current.”

In Hot Tips for Relief Teachers, You Learn How to:


Learn how to deal with the top 5 problems faced by all relief teachers  - the playground fight, the chatty class, attention deficit students, student discipline and how to deal with complaints.


Learn strategies to help you keep the focus on learning. Make your relief teaching classroom valuable for you and your students. Learn which learning strategies really make a difference in the relief classrrom


There are 5 ways relief teachers really make a mess of their relief teaching gig. These stop you from being asked back. Learn what NOT to do, so relief teaching work is offered more often.


The First 10 Minutes will determine whether you sink or swim. Learn what you MUST do in the FIRST 10 MINUTES of your relief teaching gig that will make the difference..

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About the Author: Bob Brandis

Bob is a veteran of the classroom. After a career spanning over 40 years with 30 of those years as a teacher, Bob is now walking the talk in relief teaching. Over 600 teachers have completed Bob's behaviour management courses. Bob has worked with and support hundreds of relief teachers on improving their classroom experience. 

What People Are Saying

Johanna Stewart Relief Teacher

“Thanks Bob. This has become my relief teaching bible. So many hints and so many problems SOLVED.”

GabbyRelief Teacher

“You know what? I never thought of many of these tips. It is nice to get new ideas. ”

Become the RELIEF TEACHER of CHOICE for the schools you want by using Hot Tips to Make You The Best Relief Teacher. 

65 pages of top hints, great advice and powerful strategies.

65 pages of information. Learn and use many of the tips and strategies that the relief teachers who get plenty of work are using right now. Learn the secrets of being the first choice to get relief teaching gig.

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