How many ways can you teach number facts?

Anyone who teaches will know how important number facts are to success in mathematics. Gosh, all I can remember about my own primary school years is reciting my "tables" - and you know what? I think I am a pretty good mathematician as a result.

I don't know any classroom teacher who does not lament the current standard of student maths and, I believe, a key factor is the poor standard of number facts.

When I am relief teaching around the district I am disappointed at the standard of basic mathematical knowledge, in particular number facts.

I am amazed really because they are relatively easy to teach. So I do something about it.

Try this teaching tip and use these number grids for addition work. They can be easily adapted to any number concept you wish to tackle.

You can get it as a worksheet or you can grab it as a PowerPoint.

I would make this an integral part of your relief teaching repertoire.

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