I’ve been wrong all these years

I have to admit a personal failing - which is never easy I admit.

I will totally understand if you never want to talk to me again.

I didn't allow my students to do much art, especially colouring activities, when I was a teacher.

Ahhhh! A huge weight lifted from my shoulders.

The hundreds of thousands of students under my care for the last 40 years would have suffered unimaginable pain, grief and hardship. I blame it on my colour blindness but also on my reluctance to accept that colouring activities could be anything but a time waster.

Colouring activities were not even on my radar when I was teaching. And NOW these adult colouring activities have become all the craze. I nearly laughed myself off the lounge when I saw grown adults colouring. It was the stupidest thing I ever saw. 

Until I did a bit of research.

Whoops! Misread that one - well and truly.

relief teaching colouring activities

Adults have finally discovered what my parents, grandparents and teaching colleagues have been telling me for the last bazillion years.

There is tons of official research that shows the cognitive, academic, social and curriculum applications for colouring activities. It now seems an appropriate time for colouring activities to take their rightful place in the curriculum.

And it works for FERAL kids as well.​

Colouring activities are perfect to de-stress an awful situation. Grown adults are finding that out now. It would be a wonderful focusing activity for a feral student.

Doctors are now recommending colouring activities for patients to ward off dementia. Those with dementia are finding significant cognitive  improvements during and after colouring activities.

In a study co-sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts and several federal health agencies, researchers found that adults 65 or older who engaged in creative activities such ... colouring activities (among others) had better overall health, made fewer visits to the doctor, used less medication and had fewer health problems than those who didn't.


The implications for the classroom is mind-blowing. Colouring activities can not only be used as a classroom management tool but as an effective learning tool as well.

relief teaching colouring activities

Surely the implication of colouring activities for students has to be overstated. I only used colouring activities as a quiet time for students (and sometimes myself). 

But researching the topic further proved me wrong again. There are many researchers, who are much cleverer than I, who have found huge educational benefits of colouring activities for students.

And now it makes sense. I have had little turkeys who have gone "berko" in my room who I have banished to a corner where they sit at a desk and colour in for hours.

Duh! The penny has just dropped!​

Colouring activities are beneficial. But they have to be quality with enough scope to suit all the students with which you come into contact during your relief teaching day. I am happy to announce that I have a huge FREE resource for my members.​

relief teaching colouring activities

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