Language Scrumbles

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Scrumbles are language activities suitable for lower to middle primary classes. Scrumbles build literacy skills and develop graphophonic competencies in students.

Scrumbles keep students engaged .. and learning.

Scrumbles Book 1 is available free to all executive members.

You can download a SAMPLE Scrumble HERE.

Executive Members can download the complete Scrumbles Book 1 from the Executive Suite​

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Brilliant Bob. I downloaded the sample Scrumble and gave it to my year 4 class. They loved it. I should have had more because they would have lapped up all the Scrumbles I gave them. Is it true there are more Scrumbles free for Executive Members? I haven’t signed up yet so I can’t get into the Executive Suite.


    Thanks Jono. I’m glad you like the Scrumbles and yes, they are completely free for Executive Members.

Jen T

I agree with Jono. I tried the Scrumbles with my year 6 class. I am an Exec Member so I downloaded the whole book. Some of the more complex Scrumbles had my brighter students scratching their heads. They are not as easy as they first look. I could do with another book, Bob


    Your wish is my command Jen. Another book is on it’s way. I will target this one to upper primary for you.


This is such a simple idea yet it works so well. I used the book from the Exec suite in my year 1/2/3 classroom. Even the less capable students seemed to enjoy the task. Like you said, Bob, the cutting and moving the tiles around was a good way to improve word building skills.

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