Easy Relief Teaching Without Getting Eaten

Honestly, this is ridiculously an easy relief teaching lesson.

I am sure you have used a similar teaching strategy to this.

Its simplicity and effectiveness for easy relief teaching still amazes me.

Basically watch a video and answer questions.

Sounds easy but it is actually quite complex for the kids.

They have to listen.

I was relief teacher for the day, working with a group of 20 or so year 6 & 7 students using the Walking with Dinosaur teaching kit.

easy relief teaching

I must have used this lesson 20 times last year. I love it. It is such an easy relief teaching lesson and it GETS RESULTS.

I love this lesson because the kids are enthralled for 90 minutes - without fail! The comprehension activities will challenge them as they are exceedingly difficult. If kids aren't completely attuned to listening, they can't do it.

One Easy Relief Teaching Plan of Attack

How to attack this Easy Relief Teaching Lesson


Review The Question Sheet

The kids would review the questions with a friend PRIOR to listening/watching the DVD so they were cued into listening for key words. Check the worksheet below. Kids read 5 (or so) questions and try to work out what words would fit. Just like a closure reading comprehension activity. (Tick for curriculum content)


Watch The Video is Segments

The value in this lesson is the task completion. It is best to watch the video in segments. Obviously the younger the students, the shorter the segments.

Stop the video as appropriate and allow the children to record their answers onto the worksheet.

At this time, it is best to regroup the students and provide essential feedback about concepts covered in the video.



As well as the concepts covered in the video, the issue of listening should be taught as a skill. Question the students about the strategies they use to understand and answer the questions.

Discuss the need to go back and listen more intently to get the answers.

Try getting the answers without preparation. It is much easier to get the answers if students are aware of the cues.

90 Minutes of Easy Relief Teaching

Whether you do this unit all at once or break it down into smaller lessons is a decision best made using the context of your relief teaching classroom.

I have used both. Both were equally as successful. Calling it an easy relief teaching lesson is probably a bit of a stretch.

There are some preparations you need to make. You could consider making this lesson and "old faithful" which is used often.

How to Get This Kit

The kit is available from the eShop for non members. It is also available for FREE from the Executive Suite for Executive Members.

The Kit DOES NOT include the video. I purchase the whole kit on eBay for under $15. You can also download the episodes on YouTube. There are a few sites like THIS ONE.

If it is an easy relief teaching lesson you are after, get your own copy. I keep my copy on my laptop and also on a hard drive.

Never rely on the school's technology to be available to relief teachers.​

Get it from my eShop of get it FREE from the Executive Suite. Which ever way you get it, this is on killer easy relief teaching unit to keep in your bag of tricks. ​

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