Fun Math Games Using Shopping Catalogues

fun math games

Fun Math Games

Fun Math Games is a relative term. I love using shopping catalogues in my relief teaching gigs. It is certainly Maths and I turn it into a game.

So it meets the criteria of being Fun Math​ Games as far as I am concerned.

Turning Catalogues into Fun Math Games

Shopping Catalogues are a cool maths resource when relief teaching as they form the basis of some quick math thinking. Kids love them and they are so handy.

Firstly (an importantly) they are FREE​

Secondly they are easy to get and thirdly they can be the basis of some cool maths activities.

I keep at least 50 or so catalogues in My Relief Teaching – My Bag of Tricks

cool math games catalogue

They can be used for a number of cool maths activities which will keep students actively engaged, on task as well as LEARNING.

Students will need to cut and glue. It may be one of my favourite fun math games but it involves some mess and some noise.

Perhaps you need to let the teacher next door neighbour know otherwise they may think you are have a relief teaching riot on your hands.

It's worth it

But for valuable learning - it's worth it.

Some times, when I am relief teaching, I let the students know we are doing some really cool maths stuff and challenge them with some of the math activities below. Often it turns into a race - particularly with the boys.

At other relief teaching gigs, I write 5 or so of the activities on the board and let the students go. I will Stop the activity when most of the kids and finished, and write another 5 activities of the board.

Try These 10 Challenges

Purchase 5 items and get the LEAST change from $50. The winner will be the student with the LEAST change. You can hand out prizes if you like but generally fun maths games is its own reward.

Buy 10 items and get your total between $70 and $75. (You can alter the value to suit the catalogue of the kids)​

Make two purchases - one of 10 items and one of 5 items. The totals must be within $5 of each other.​

Select and pay for 5 items for your teacher. How you let them know what you like) is an exercise in its self. It is a GREAT way to build rapport with your class.

​Acquire 5 non-food and 5 food items which are within $1 of each other. You can turn this into two separate tasks.

Another 5

Obtain 6 items from the shopping catalogue. Ensure that you get less than $10 change from $100.​

Find five items less than $20 each and put them in ascending order/descending order.​

Purchase a pair of items that will make $2, and another pair which will make $3 and go up to $10 (or $20)​

Grab 3 items at a time - but the total must be $2, then $3, then $4 and so on. This should be done quickly as pace is the key to this fun maths games.

​Purchase any 5 items. Purchase another 5 items so the total is one half of your first purchase.

cool maths games shopping

Top Hint

It is easier for the activity if the students all have the same catalogue from which to work.

If catalogues are not at the entrance/exit of the shop, I ask at the service counter of the grocery shop if I can grab 30 or so. The shop assistant looks at me like I must have escaped from a mental institution, but the catalogues are normally handed over.

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fun math games

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