Lesson Plan – Power Writing

power writingPower writing is one of those activities which really get the blood up. Students are pushed to write on any topic for a period of time. The race is to complete the activity in the set time. Power writing leads itself to the start of a session; just as kids enter to the door.


Power Writing Approach

Writing should be done daily.

This lesson needs to be modelled - YEP! By you. It is quite important that the kids see your though processes and how you problem solve.

If you are going to ask them to do their own power writing, they need to see that it is possible.

Use the fading technique to scaffold student learning.

I start with an image.

After that there are NO RULES. You just have to write. And the timer starts ... NOW

power writing

I love clouds. They form shapes for me. I enjoy laying on my back with my friends and look up into the sky. We take turns naming clouds that look like certain things and the other person has to find the cloud ....

Power writing has no rules about how long, what genre or what tense.


Students can simply describe the image.

power writing


Ready ..... GO


Water rushes down the creek over the rocks. Trees reach out into the creek, feeling the cool are as the water rushes past. Rocks try to hold onto the water, but the water doesn't care. Nothing is going to stop it getting to the river .....

Of course some writers are going to struggle. Some might refuse; initially. Keep with it. Power Writing needs a time limit. You can use any you wish for as long or as short as you wish. Start with one minute for beginners and move to three minutes as students become acclimatized to the power writing process. I use a PowerPoint which ticks away in the background. Students can look at how much time is left. This is significant to the kids who enjoy power writing and those who hate it.

Want a Power Writing Timer? click here 120 x 60



Even reluctant writers will warm to power writing in the classroom.


Power Writing Options.

Just as there are no rules for kids, there are no RULES for teachers.

You can set any option for your power writing as you feel appropriate. Discussing personification? Then let the kids write as if they ARE the OBJECT.

Ready .... GO!

I love being a pencil. I am useful to a lot of people. But I don't like it when kids chew on my head. Yuck! They leave spit and gooey stuff. But I do like being sharpened. Hey wait a minute. If the chew my head, that means they sharpen my ..... Ooooooh


Set the task so that students experiment with adjectives if you like.

Add power writing to your teaching repertoire.