Lesson Plan – Teaching Punctuation

Teaching PunctuationTeaching Punctuation! Seriously?

I have recommended before that, when relief teaching, it is a great opportunity to focus on the basics, like punctuation.

I suggest concentrating on literacy and numeracy in your relief teaching gigs and teaching punctuation is a perfect option.

"Why the basics?" you ask. "Good question," says I.


Teaching Punctuation?

There are hundreds of answers but I'll make do with these 5.

  1. Every student in every classroom in every school benefits from reviewing and enhancing basic literacy and numeracy skills;
  2. Doing real teaching and expecting real learning gives you authenticity with the students;
  3. You are value adding to their day;
  4. Basic skills are suitable for the more capable and the less able students.
  5. Basic skills are portable activities that can be carried anywhere with a minimum of fuss.

Enter Punctuation.

Punctuation is one of those lost arts. It used to be a regular feature of the English curriculum, but it lost favour among the pundits. I am not sure why. Interestingly poor punctuation along with spelling and grammar is used by most filters that pick up spam! (Just a useless fact for your file)

At the most basic level, punctuation is a skill lesson. You need to teach concepts, and the students need to practice it. The goal is to improve writing skills.

You can teach elements of punctuation in any order you wish.

CLICK HERE for an explanation of key punctuation marks.

It is always a good idea to use the passages from the reading books the students are using. That way you can ensure the reading does not distract from the punctuation lesson.

When teaching punctuation, please teach contractions and possessions.

Once you have taught some, many or all of the punctuation elements, students need to practice their skills. It is a matter of writing a passage on the board with punctuation errors or omissions. The students rewrite the passage by inserting the correct punctuation marks. You make the corrections on the board and the kids mark their own passage.

The process is a time-honoured technique.

What makes this tough on the teacher, is that they are doing as much, if not more writing than the students.

I have just the option for you.

Teaching Punctuation


Teaching punctuation is to writing what teaching number facts is to mathematics.


CLICK HERE for the passage. Each passage should take about 10 minutes for students to complete.

This PowerPoint will make teaching punctuation easy and efficient.

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