Linear Art Lesson Plan – Creating Visions with Lines

Linear Art Lesson PlanThis is a linear art lesson plan for kids in middle to upper grades.

It allows a student to explore linear art. The creates a hyperbole for secondary school math students but primary school kids will see this as pretty art.

It is a great lesson to use for the end of the day.


Lesson Plan - Process.

This is an activity where the kids can practice on scrap A4 paper before moving to good quality paper.

On an A4 sheet

  1. Start with any basic shape (eg, square, pentagon, hexagon with sides of the same size) that fits on the A4 paper.
  2. Mark off 5mm - 10mm points along each boundary.
  3. Join one point on one side to another point on an other side.
  4. Move to the next point on the right and join it to other point to the right.

You can use a preconstructed template. CLICK HERE to download templates of different shapes.

Lesson Plan - Teaching Ideas

Discuss the internal and external designs with the students and the different structure caused by starting at different places along the perimeter.

I show students a PowerPoint of the finished product.

CLICK HERE for the PowerPoint of a linear art drawing on a regular hexagon.

CLICK HERE for a YouTube video on how linear art works.

Older students can explore many different designs by themselves.

Once the students have explored the linear art activities on paper, the can explore different shapes on cardboard.

Linear Art Lesson Plan  Variations

I have used the designs on manilla folders.

Once the kids have completed their designs on paper they receive

  1. a manilla folder,
  2. a sewing needle and
  3. coloured thread.

Lesson Plan - Process

  1. The template is placed on the front of the folder and held on by sticky tape.
  2. The sewing needle is used to make a hole through the template and a hole through the front cover.
  3. Once the holes are placed, the student threads the sewing needle with the thread of any colour.
  4. Like the paper copy, the thread is placed through one hole and into the hole on the other side.
  5. The process is repeated until all the holes have been threaded.

The back of the linear art is used to hold the thread with tape so it will look ugly.

To improve the appearance, glue a picture from a magazine over this section.

The students have a usable folder that they have personalised.

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