Lesson Plan – Mapping Australia

lesson plan mapping australian borders

Mapping Australia is one of those important yet seldom taught skills in the primary and secondary curriculum. It is a sad state of affairs that a lot of Australia students know little about Australia geography even to the extent that they know little (if anything)  about state borders.

It is up to relief teachers to fix it.

Well, it's not really. But relief teachers are in the enviable position of not needing to follow the curriculum as closely as full time teachers because they aren't really accountable for NAPLAN results.

Mapping Australia

Mapping Australia is one of those lessons that kids really enjoy because it is usually something their regular teacher has not done with them You start off with a blank map of Australia.

Haven't got a blank map of Australia yet? CLICK HERE to download one for your class to use.

You need a class set with one for each student. The goal of this lesson is to have the students draw in the state borders. It is a guided lesson with s step by step process of identifying key elements of the Australia coastline. The students should mark these point on the coastline before they draw the state border in completely.

Mapping Australia Powerpoint

Using this FREE PowerPoint file, the teacher should work step by step. The PowerPoint give reference points for the students and is easy to follow. You need to demonstrate the more difficult components like the borders which follow rivers and creeks.

CLICK HERE for the PowerPoint which will enable you to work with the class, step by step, to identify the key points along the Australian coastline where the borders start and finish. This is suitable for year 4 to 7 students but can also be used for lower secondary geography students.

Vary the complexity of follow up tasks to suit the grade.

Use the YouTube video to help you plan out how you can use this lesson in your daily plan.

This YouTube video is a good reference point for the mapping Australia activity.

Then check out the mapping Australia by hand activity.