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Teachign Strategies

Reading is one of those core curriculum areas which involve strategic teaching strategies. This involves challenging students to read more than just words. Repeating words from a page without understanding is a travesty. That will no more create a competent reader than painting a door will create an artist.

The idea of reading is to develop teaching strategies which force the student reader to look beyond the words and create meaning. It is only then that a reader will become a competent reader.

Reading requires many more effective teaching strategies than just this - but this is a good place to start.

The teaching strategies in this program involves looking at sentences as the thought unit of a reading passage.

Consider this.

What Teaching Strategies Develop Understanding?

If a student does not understand the intricacies of a sentence, how can they understand a paragraph/chapter/book?

Quite often it is the sentence level where meaning is lost and the poor reader doesn't know this because he/she can still read the words.

It's like reading a manual on nuclear physics. You could probably say all the words but a limited few would even come close to understand what has been read.

Some kids are exactly like this.

Reading without understanding is like chewing without taste.

When I am relief teaching, I use teaching strategies of reading as a central core unit. It is important in any year level and for any standard. I really doesn't matter if the kids have done it before, or if they have done it before, they can never have enough reading development.

This unit look specifically at understanding sentences.

Check this video for a sample of the unit.

 Teaching Strategies for Reading.



Use these teaching strategies to develop an understanding of sentences in comprehension.

Many movies have been made of the story "Beauty and the Beast",

and many writers have retold it in their own words.

Challenge the kids with sentences like this as they read it (and reread it for understanding.

Which of these sentences are true, which are false and which don't have enough information to make a judgement.

  • Beauty and the Beast is a popular movie.
  • There are many movies about Beauty and the Beast.
  • Even adults like to watch the movie, "Beauty and the Beast".
  • Writers produce different versions of "Beauty and the Beast"

This can be a lesson itself as you show the kids how to unpack the sentences to gain meaning.

Turn it on and the video unpacks the lesson for the kids. You can sit back and watch.

Alternatively you can use the video as a fabulous teaching resource to build on and develop reading skills.

Teaching Strategies for Reading

You need to provide the kids with the answer sheet first which is also available from the Freebies Page. The video can be downloaded in hi-res or low-res editions.

This is one of the teaching strategies with which you really can make a difference in children's reading.


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