Relief Teaching Writing Lessons – Keep them Writing

Relief Teaching Writing Lessons have lots of challenges

One of the biggest challenges of relief teaching writing lessons is to make them relevant.

Relief Teaching Writing Lessons are often seen as passive. Passive learning activities often lack relevance to students.

These strategies will keep your writing lessons active and engaging.

You start on a winner when using relief teaching writing lessons because all students recognise that writing is one of the skills they need for future sucess.

Most students, however, will not fall for the old trick of giving them busy work. That is, work that is designed to keep the quiet without the goal of learning.​

Relief teaching writing lessons often fall into this category.​

Relief Teaching Writing Lessons

Relief Teaching Writing Lessons and Relevance.  

Generally relief teaching writing lessons go like this.

You say, "Get out your book and write." (Nicely of course!)

Generally, kids do just that.

Easy!​ However, it is not so easy.

relief teaching writing lessons

The challenge, when using relief teaching writing lessons, is to develop RELEVANCE!

Unless the writing is a relevant learning activity, you have, perhaps, 10 minutes before the kids go berserk!

Kids aren't stupid.

They know the when relief teachers are just giving them busy work to keep them quiet.

Kids understand they come to school to learn so, when relief teaching, use activities that involve a lot of writing and learning.

managing Students while angry

Relief Teaching Writing Lessons​ - One Sample

1. Each student gets one sheet of paper (say A4) size and they write their name on top.

2. Select one topic relevant to what they are studying (eg. the Moon)

3. They start with their sheet and write ONE fact about the moon. (eg. the moon takes a month to orbit the earth).

4. On YOUR signal they swap their paper to the left and receive from the right. They get a short time to READ and then on YOUR signal they write - but the idea has to be original.

5. When the get their sheet back they should have 5, 10 or 15 ideas about the moon - depending on the size of the group.

6. They could then go about check its accuracy.

Other Relief Teaching Writing Lessons

Power Writing.

Power writing really gets the blood up. Students are pushed to write on any topic for a period of time. The race is to complete the activity in the set time. Power writing leads itself to the start of a session; just as kids enter to the door.

Relief Teaching Writing Lessons

Writing While Being Eaten

This is one explosive multimedia writing activity for executive members. 

Relief Teaching Writing Lessons

Quotation Marks Multimedia Lesson

Available FREE for executive members - this self paced, self timed multi-media lesson.

relief teaching writing lessons
Relief Teaching Writing Lessons
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