Writing Strategies While Being Eaten by Lions

Writing Strategies using Kruger Park

Coming up with good writing strategies for kids is a real battle.

But nothing like the real battle at Kruger Park.

The video plays for about 9 minutes.I haven't found a student yet who isn't inspired, exhilarated and enthralled by this video. It is just so exciting. The video is embedded at the bottom of this article.

The Battle at Kruger Park is just perfect to use to develop writing strategies for any class and for any relief teaching gig.

During the video a pride of lions attack a young buffalo. I don't want to spoil the story line for you but for all who fear a barrage of blood and guts, the story of the attack unfolds until the buffalo is eventually saved by the herd. But not without going through a tumultuous struggle.

Make Writing Strategies Challenging

This video has tremendous footage. This is the motivation behind one of the most powerful lessons I have used in my relief teaching gigs. I use the lesson for teaching writing strategies to any class.

Who wouldn't be motivated by this video?

Teaching writing strategies.

I have used the following teaching strategies in my relief teaching gigs include

teaching writing strategies

Watching the video in segments.

  1. After each segment, I discuss the scene with the students, teaching them the words that might be appropriate and demonstrating effective writing strategies to capture the essence of the scene.
  2. After the discussion, the kids write about the scene on the story worksheet. One of the teaching strategies I use, is to cut off the top scene and turning the sheet over, hiding the story line from the kids. That way the kids can only focus on one scene at a time. Effective writing is about building atmosphere. It is best the kids don't know the whole story while they are writing. That way it builds up the excitement and maximizes teaching opportunities.
  3. Building the story one scene at a time enables the teaching of effective writing skills.

teaching writing strategies

Sequencing Events

The second method of teaching writing strategies includes developing a time sequence of events. Screen shots of the video are presented to the students and they

  1. Cut the shots out
  2. Place the screen shots in order and
  3. Write a summary of each screen shot.
In my relief teaching gigs, I have used these to teach writing strategies both individually and as stand along lessons.
I have also used them together when my relief teaching gig is a few days or more.  I like to give my longer relief teaching gig a connection.
This is just the shot!
Battle at Kruger Park is a YouTube Video. The video plays for about 9 minutes.
I download the video and store it on my laptop, You could of course watch it directly on YouTube but you have to trust the technology to do that.
Can you imagine a more exciting motivation for developing writing strategies for kids?

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