Like all things relief teaching – if you love it – they will

I was doing a relief teaching stint working with a year 7 class yesterday and my timing must have been a bit out because I had about 15 minutes left before the morning tea break.


Because I carry my small Toshiba netbook with me ALWAYS, I had every lesson at my finger tips so I pulled out Geebung Polo Club. It's an oldie and I actually haven't used this lesson for a while.

I made the poem into a PowerPoint - you can get it HERE if you think you could use it. Remember - the story is in the telling - so get to know the poem before it become part of your repertoire.

I forgot how much I love - but more importantly - kids love good Australian poetry. And, like all matters relief teaching - if you love it - the kids will.

We only had time to meet the Geebung team in the poem - but I will have this class again some time so I will be able to continue the poem.

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