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Teaching and Learning is extraordinarily difficult is you do not have the skills of managing student behaviour in your classroom. Misbehaviour is toxic and will, often irreparably damage to your classroom learning environment. You will find teaching difficult and your students will find learning more complex than it should be. 


You CAN master the skills of managing student behaviour. Experience is the best teacher but POOR EXPERIENCE is the greatest limiter of your success as a teacher. Learn the skills of managing student behaviour in your classroom through the online courses, the readings and articles, sharing your insight with your colleagues, getting quality resources. The Managing Student Behaviour support offered at HERE will help you master the craft of teaching.


There is a range of different strategies that relief teachers can employ that are different to full time teachers. Learn how to build trust quickly so that students will respond to you more positively. Master the skills that great relief teachers use in managing student behaviour in their relief classrooms.


Everyone has horrid days. It is hard to fly like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys. And that is just how  some of the students behave. But stay the course. You will enjoy your teaching days again. When you master the skills of managing student behaviour, you will remember why you became a teacher in the first place.

Resources Available for Everyone

Resources to STRENGTHEN your skills in Managing Student Behaviour
Helpful Tips & Strategies

Hundreds of Articles including Tips and Strategies on Managing Student Behaviour in Your Classroom.

Resources for Sale

Managing Behaviour Support

A range of professional resources to support your approach to managing student behaviour.

If All You Have is a Hammer

154 Behaviour Management Strategies

154 Strategies to Improve Behaviour Management in Your Classroom. Your approach to managing student behaviour is dictated by the repertoire of skills at your disposal. Build a stronger more adaptable repertoire of skills with this book

Managing the Ferals

Don't let the Ferals Control You

If you are allowing Feral Students to control your classroom you are doing a GROSS disservice to yourself and the students who want to learn. Use these strategies to bring control back to your classroom. This resource could be your bible.

Crisis Management

Control Classroom Crises 

Manage Classroom Crises the same way professional first responders manage the crises they face each day. Bring order to the chaos! Take this quiz to see if you have the skills to manage a Crisis.

Behaviour Management for Relief Teachers

800+ Relief Teachers Can't be Wrong 

Managed by Class Cover this Online Course covers the the key elements of student behaviour for Relief Teachers. Read the Reviews and participate with colleagues. Course cost $20

Free Resources for Executive Members

These resources are available FREE to Executive Members.

The only Online Magazine for Australian Relief Teachers

Managing Student Behaviour
Relief Matters - Winter 2016

Tips and Strategies

The only on-line magazine JUST for relief teachers. Released in Winter 2016.

Managing Student Behaviour
Relief Matters - Summer 2017

Tips and Strategies

The only on-line magazine JUST for relief teachers. Released in Winter 2016.

Managing Student Behaviour
Relief Matters - Spring 2016

A 30 page bumper edition.

A bumper edition with heaps of hints and tips to make your relief teaching experience the best.

Free Online Courses on Managing Student Behaviour (and more)

The Essentials

6 Video Modules Online Course 

An online course to develop an understanding of Student Behaviour in the context of your own classroom. After this course you have a better understanding of the issues that impact student behaviour and how to make appropriate decisions.

The Solutions

20 Video Modules Online Course

You need THE SOLUTIONS to all the simple, complex and often difficult classroom problems. After this course you will learn THE SOLUTIONS to problems before they become major issues.

Free Resources on Managing Student Behaviour (and more)

About Bob Brandis (Dip T, B Ed, C Dec)

I am, unashamedly, a classroom veteran. I started with Education Queensland in 1973 and took over my first one teacher school in 1979. For the next 40+ years I was principal of preschools, primary school, secondary departments and high schools throughout Queensland. I taught in every classroom from prep to year 12. I  retired from full time work in 2010 and took on relief teaching positions, special projects, relief principal and deputy principal positions. Managing student behaviour has been my career.

“I'm here to help you in any way that will improve your skills in managing student behaviour. You will enjoy teaching once again.”

bob brandis

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Behaviour management is an on going part of daily life in the class room . I found the course excellent as we all need to be reminded of techniques in managing behaviour. Thank you

Sheila (Sept 2016)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

A very important course. Behaviour management can be the difference between a very good and a very bad day!

Karen(Sept 2016)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Thank you very much. This course provided me with some great ideas and plenty of opportunities for reflection.

Tanya (August 2016)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

This was a really valuable course. I have learned so many new strategies regarding behaviour management. Thanks Bob!

Katy (July 2016)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Thank you for the course as it was precise and to the point. I have a few more tricks up my sleeve now. Thanking you kindly!

Anastasia (August 2016)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Bob you're amazing! Thank you. I'd love to be a fly on the wall in your classroom. This was a really valuable course.

Shannon (June 2016)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Thank you for creating this wonderful course. I will definitely take on board the tips and advice given to me during this course. I am now equipped with more strategies in my behaviour management bank thanks to this course.

Christie-Jean (May 2016)

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