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Can you help me with this problem.

I recently had a child in a year 3 class. He exhibited obvious attention seeking behaviour.

He wouldn't sit on the floor like the rest of the class. Instead he would shuffle to the back of the room.

I would ask him to return and join the group by saying something like "You need to come to the carpet to join the lesson with the rest of the class, thanks."

Notice how I used a closed statement.

I would give him some processing time while I returned my attention back to the group.

During which time he would slowly crawl towards the floor. However when I would look back to him he would smile and return to the back of the classroom again. I have come across this sort of attention seeking behaviour before, as I'm sure others have.

He had also had warnings during the day and time outs both in and outside the classroom in accordance with the behaviour system in the school, as well as positive reinforcement when he did the right thing.

What would be a good course of action next?

Carrisa F

managing student behaviour

Tough one Carissa. This may help.

You need to develop compliance situation situations for the student to become involved.

It seems his non-compliance is a game for him. It is part of his attention seeking behaviour. He seems to enjoy you catching him misbehaving and he might be challenging you to respond.

The antiseptic bounce can be used to to create a compliance situation where you are tricking HIM to be compliant. Don't make a big deal about him because he WAS compliant.

Repeat this procedure a couple of times so that compliance is more accepted than it is now.

The antiseptic bounce is a key article in Spring 2016 edition of RELIEF MATTERS (the online magazine for relief teachers) which is a free resource in the executive suite of my website.

Good luck

Bob Brandis

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