Behaviour Management Support

Behaviour Management support

Behaviour Management Support

Behaviour Management support will help you manage student behaviour. Dealing with misbehaviour can take up most of a teacher's time. Dealing with misbehaviour can suck the life out of teachers. It is the single greatest stressor of teachers and the most quoted reason for teachers leaving the profession.

Building your behaviour management repertoire is, without a doubt, the most important thing you can do to improve the quality of learning in your classroom. You need behaviour management support

Relief teachers appreciate beaehaviout management support. Some find behaviour management the most difficult of classroom management operations because they seldom have the opportunity to build a relationship with the children in their class.

Consequently, unless you, as a relief teacher or a full time classroom teacher, have a firm understanding of behaviour management strategies and a wide repertoire of behaviour management skills at your disposal, you might find your WHOLE day becomes the endless battle of dealing with misbehaviours.

behaviour management support

Managing Student Behaviour Online Courses

Completely FREE from the Executive Suite

If you don't manage student behaviour in your classroom, everything else is problematic. The EXECUTIVE SUITE has a range of FREE professional development online courses.

Managing Student Behaviour is critical to your success as a teacher. 

The Essentials.

behaviour management

You are not in the race if you don't have the Essentials

Course Outline

  • 6 Modules
  • 10 Video Presentations
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Self Paced Learning
  • 20 Modules
  • 28 Video Presentations
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Self Paced Learning

The Solutions

behaviour management

Solve the problems before they become issues.

Behaviour Management for Relief Teachers

Online Course

Study online, in your own time AND get PD credits

This online behaviour management course is specifically designed for relief teachers. The scenarios are real and faced by relief teachers on a daily basis. 

This course is self paced and you will receive the support of your teaching colleagues. 

Solve your problems and help others solve theirs.

​Over 600 teachers have completed this course and the feedback from participant is fantastic. Don't take my word. Read what the participants say about the Behaviour Management for Relief Teachers online course.

Crisis Management in the Classroom

Preparation is the better part of professionalism.

There will come a time when a crisis will arise in your classroom or in the playground while you are on duty. AND YOU are the first responder 

Are you prepared? Do you have an action plan that you trust?

Could you put in place a process which protects yourself and your students?

​Are you confident that your crisis management strategies will meet you professional and legal requirement?

Crisis Management

Managing the Feral Class

There is no sense "pussy-footing" around. Some students are FERAL! And these students can .turn your class FERAL. You have to stop then FERAL students getting an upper hand. Take back CONTROL.

If you don't have the right strategies, you are in for a VERY difficult time.

Do you doubt your ability to control students? Are you crying out for support to deaf ears? Do you hate your teaching day because you continually deal with FERAL students?


​Managing the Feral Class pulls no punches. It is politically incorrect. If you have difficulty calling student's misbehaviour, this book in NOT for you.

Crisis Management