Behaviour Management On-Line Course Testimonials

Wow what a thought provoking clip. It is fantastic to have someone reinforce what I as a teacher needed to have reinforced. (Amanda April 2015)
 April 2015

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Behaviour Management for Relief Teachers.

What participants are saying ...

 Wow what a thought provoking clip.  It is fantastic to have someone reinforce what I as a teacher needed to have reinforced.   (Amanda April 2015)

Valuable advice and well presented. (Cheryl March 2015)

This video has made me re focus my teaching, (Louise Feb 2015)

Thanks so much Bob, Nikki and the RTA, my fellow course participants. You have all given me such wonderful ideas. (Carron April 2015)

I have enjoyed all that you have presented Bob and feel affirmed with my behaviour management strategies (Margaret April 2015)

That makes so much sense Bob.   Learning, learning, learning ! (Janine)

Bob's statements resonate with me.  (Caitlin)

Thanks Bob, that first video summarised it for me and will help me focus. (Leanne)

I really like this idea, I'm definitely going to put it into practice in a far more deliberate way than I have done previously. (Mel)

Thanks for the very specific instruction (Collete)

This presentation had useful information and I wholly agree with the statement that best decisions are the ones considered. I will remember the three 'D' approach. (Caitlin)

Some really valuable information in the video. (Meg)

It's like you were standing in a classroom watching me teach stage 3 maths last year Bob :/. (Melanie)

Really interesting articles and approach to help students. I am going to try to use these tools when I can within the classroom. (James)

I wish I had watched this video before I began teaching - they should be teaching stuff like that as part of the education course at Uni! With a few years of experience under my belt, what Bob says here is pretty much my practice with dealing with conflicts, but I had to work it out myself after doing it wrong many times first. (Jeremy)

This course has been amazing. It has provided me with many fantastic strategies that will be handy in times of need. Thankyou Bob for your time and effort in creating this course it has been a blessing. (Anita)

This course is fantastic - I've picked up some great strategies that I can't wait to try - and I've been teaching for 15 years! The videos of Bob Brandis and what he talks about are sensible, clear and easy to put into practise (Melanie)

The Behaviour management course is really good. Im actually enjoying what i am reading and putting my strategies into practice. (Mariana)