Building Rapport Quickly in a Lesson.

Relief Teaching Meerkats If you are looking to building rapport quickly, this is the lesson. I love it.

The hardest part of behaviour management when relief teaching is building rapport quickly with your class. You do not have the luxury of time when relief teaching. We all know that rapport building takes time. This activity is perfect when relief teaching because it is all about building rapport quickly - in a lesson. You can't go wrong with that.


I have said it many times before, so please forgive me if you have heard this before.

When relief teaching, you want kids focused on learning.

Building Rapport Quickly with this Relief Teaching Lesson

This activity creates a little bit of fun in the learning situation and from here you can start to build a relationships with kids.

That's why sometimes I start my day with this activity.

I don't follow the principle of snarl and snap at the start of the day to keep kids in line. I prefer to show the kids I am serious about learning.

Ok. Let me say this little lesson is a beauty but it is not a huge academic exercise. I have used this in relief teaching with classes from year 4 to year 8. I know some have used it for older kids.

The main focus of the activity is for kids to use tally marks. I have to admit the task is not the most taxing but I have never had a group get the same answer. Every relief teaching gig where I have used it, I have repeated the activity a couple of times and the kids have always asked to do it again.

That's right. The kids have asked to do it! Have you ever had that in your relief teaching gigs.

The Relief Teaching Activity.


1. Preparation

  • Review tally marks. Show the kids how to do four strokes then the fifth stroke on the diagonal. They need to be fast at this so do a couple of activities with dice or similar.

relief teaching processes

  • Keep consolidating this skill until they are competent.

Now the Fun Starts.

Have the kids prepare a table on which they will be able to mark off each time they hear the following words.





The beauty of this activity is the almost no one gets the same answer the first time because they are laughing so much.

So, of course, you have to do it again.

In fact, the kids can't get enough of this activity.

They remain focused on the activity and you get a chance to enjoy the activity with the kids.

This is a great start to

  • building a rapport with your class quickly,
  • keeping the kids focused,
  • clearly setting out your goal of value adding to their day.

You can find the YouTube video by searching for "Walk on the Wild Side".

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