Learn Strategies to Manage every Classroom Crisis in Your Classroom

Learn How to Master EVERY Classroom Crisis

Do you jump from One Classroom Crisis To the NEXT? Help is just ONE CLICK Away

Every classroom teacher on this planet knows that managing classroom conflict is a daily event. But a classroom conflict can become a CLASSROOM CRISIS in the blink of an eye. If you don't know how to manage a classroom crisis you are in POTENTIAL CAREER ENDING position. 

Crisis management is critical to your success in the classroom. YOU NEED a CLASSROOM CRISIS MANAGEMENT PLAN to manage every situation

  • In your classroom
  • In the playground
  • In your school
  • On excurscions
  • EVERYWHERE you manage students

You need a crisis management plan that helps. 

I don't mean a classroom crisis management plan that is written for an airplane crash in a major city. I mean a crisis plan that will help IN YOUR CLASSROOM when

  • Graham Smith beans James on the head with his pencil case; 
  • Billy spits at Mary;
  • Fred can't find his lunch and throws a "out-of-this-world" wobbly;
  • Mary-anne forgets to take her medication for the third time this week;
  • Harriet does a bolter and runs from your classroom.
  • Salim can't find his red pencil and hurls his sharpener out the window and Jackson wants to bash him because he thought Salim threw the sharpener directly at him.
  • a fight between two students occurs RIGHT in front of you (BLAST IT ALL) in the playground;
  • or 12 students;
  • Mrs Brown comes up to criticise you AGAIN for not checking William's homework and starts screaming that "You are an idiot and shouldn't be a teacher and she is going to complain to the prime minister ..."

There are a bazillion conflicts in your classroom can TRIGGER a CLASSROOM CRISIS!  YOU need a firm grip on a CRISIS MANAGEMENT PLAN relevant to YOUR CLASSROOM.


Theory is wonderful.  You will be able to explain WHY Jennifer always sneers at Josephine, which sets Josephine in a red fury and makes her charge towards Jennifer with her 2B pencil ready to gouge her eyes out. 

That would be NICE!

But theory won't help you MANAGE THIS CLASSROOM CRISIS.

CRISIS MANAGEMENT for CLASSROOM TEACHERS is written to handle Mary and Bill and Graham and all the other conflict situations that occur daily in your classroom. The focus of Crisis Management is CLASSROOM PRACTICE. Theory plays a part but it does not dominate the text. This is written for the classroom practitioner.

There is nothing wrong with theory. I enjoy reading theory. But I enjoy finding practical answers to my real problems more. That is why CRISIS MANAGEMENT FOR CLASSROOM TEACHERS should be in your bookcase, on your tablet, and in your teaching repertoire.

You could grab the copy provided by your school.

Oh that's right! Your school doesn't have one. Crisis management is what most people do by the seat of their pants. That is appropriate, because that is exactly where you are going to get booted if you get CRISIS MANAGEMENT wrong.

There has never been a more important time to get CRISIS MANAGEMENT in place in your classroom. There are dozens of parents with a lawyer on speed dial just waiting for an opportunity to take you to the cleaners. 

If you do not have a CRISIS MANAGEMENT PLAN you leave yourself open to Legal Challenge.

Law Cases are won on whether on not the claimant had a PLAN. 

Did you know that teachers can be sued as individuals? 

It is Simple Matter of FACT that teachers need PLANS. 

It would be nice to think that you are legally protected against difficult parents. It would be nice to think that someone in authority has your back. It would be nice if everyone knew how hard you work and how much you care about students.

That would be NICE but the fact of the matter is that a POORLY MANAGED CLASSROOM CRISIS is a law suit waiting to happen.

Let me share a story that occurred in a school near me. A boy fell from the monkey bars at school and broke his shoulder in 1994. His shoulder didn't mend correctly. He suffered a lot of pain which stopped him from doing the work he wanted. In 2013, when the boy reached adulthood, he sued the department and the school for not adequately managing his injury. He was successful. He attempted to sue the teacher, but because teacher had the protection of the crown in 1994, he was unsuccessful. 

But that has now changed.​

In January 2009 the protection of the crown was removed.

​Unless you have a risk assessment strategy for your classroom, YOU (as well as the school and the department) are legally susceptible to prosecution. 

It is your best interest to have CRISIS MANAGEMENT plan in place with the strategies you can employ when called upon to do so.

The school has plans for fire drill, bomb alerts, abusive parents, workplace health ans safety. There is probably a shelf full of risk assessment plans developed for the school. You would, no doubt, have received inservice on all the risk assessment strategies in place at your school.

A regular classroom teacher probably would have. If a you are a RELIEF TEACHER you probably would have received Z-I-P!

But that doesn't make CRISIS MANAGEMENT any less important for a relief teacher. You are just as susceptible to litigation as every other government employee. ​




Give you strategies to manage classroom, playground and school based conflicts.

Outline action plans to deal with behaviour situations before they develop into DRAMAS.

Give examples of how various crisis situations are managed in your classroom and beyond.


  • Identify what a CRISIS is in your classroom 
    A classroom is not a soap opera. As much as some students will have you believe, not everything is a CRISIS. Some situations are just day to day complications and are solved quickly and quietly. A situation that has the potential to be a crisis needs careful management. This CRISIS MANAGEMENT plan will show you have to differentiate between the two.
  • Show you how to use the  TRIPLE D STRATEGY..
    The TRIPLE D STRATEGY can be employed in all conflict situations. This strategy is essential to your CRISIS MANAGEMENT. The TRIPLE D STRATEGY will solve you all the heart ache of crisis management by giving you are structure to your interaction with students. 
  • Take the HEAT out of CRISIS MANAGEMENT.
    Crisis Management done poorly will cause you to lose sleep. Because you have applied a structure to your interaction, you will be confident that you have done all you can. People lose sleep and relive conflict because they try to imagine different ways to manage situations. CRISIS MANAGEMENT in the CLASSROOM will give you the confidence to know that you have DONE WELL!

Be the Master of Your Domain. 

Finally someone has considered relief teachers in the educational setting. You can now have the same protection offered to full time employees. You are now part of the education agenda. You can finally enter your classroom with the confidence and the assurance that knowledge and skill provides.

You are now able to solve classroom conflicts with a structured and analytical approach. You will have the confidence that order brings to chaos. No more floundering around looking for alternatives. Not more finding yourself in the hot seat. No more inaction. Crisis Management will be an integral part of your repertoire. Students will suddenly find themselves on the back foot. You will control their behaviours  by putting and established set of procedures in place. 

Learn to Manage your Classroom Crisis with the TRIPLE D approach

The TRIPLE D approach will allow to to STRUCTURE your approach to CRISIS MANAGEMENT. This resource features the TRIPLE D approached used in many classrooms across the state.

This is Where YOUR Classroom problems end and YOUR Solutions START


It's time to be the master of your classroom. Show the students that you have the skills to manage conflict. Put a structure to your Classroom Crisis Management that builds an accountability to all. You are now in control. 

Crisis Management for the Classroom will become your "GO TO MANUAL". Refer to it often. Develop an affinity with the TRIPLE D strategy. Display a confidence that your skills warrant. Build structure around your most difficult student interactions. 

  1.  Never LOSE SLEEP again: Finish your day knowing you have implemented a positive and accountable management strategy. Be confident that your difficult student interactions are purposeful. 
  2. Manage Conflicts PROACTVELY: Students will no longer control the misbehaviour agenda because your structured TRIPLE D approach will control the events of the situation. 
  3. Never make management mistakes again: Te mistakes of the past are over. Crisis Management will be quicker, more comprehensive, less destructive for all. Mistakes in interactive strategies will be a thing of the past. You will know what NOT to do. You will enjoy your teaching day once again.
Crisis management for the Classroom

What People Are Saying about Crisis Management for the Classroom?

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Crisis Management approach is clear, concise and to the point ....”

“I have only been teaching for a few years, but have long experience with kids and youth, and with teaching in other formats/situations. I wish I'd had Bob's experience, wisdom and resources 20 years ago :). Crisis Management for the Classroom is clear, concise, to the point - fantastic. I have already started using some of the material (though I'm a slow learner some days - practice, practice, practice...). Many thanks Bob. 

I like that Bob is very honest about the whole teaching gig. His acknowledgement that we do get angry and sometimes it's reasonable, thinking of the kids as "little turkeys" because sometimes they are - I really appreciate this aspect of Bob's work. 

We like to do what many others have done already. There's safety in numbers. Testimonials can be used to give your visitor that sense of safety."

November, 2015

David C
Primary Teacher

“This will help me have more control ...”

“Thanks Bob for putting together a very informative and a well presented kit. It will make my approach to the schools a more pleasant one. The module on Crisis Management will help me to control and more importantly use the Triple D to solve the crisis. Thank you.”

March 2015

Stanislaus M
Primary Teacher
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I'm going to start using these strategies immediately ... ”

Crisis Management for the Classroom is a great resource. It is so practical and useful.

Bob, your support is amazing. As a new teacher I love feeling so supported and confident to approach difficult situations. I feel I have such challenges in learning to manage the learning environment - but its all possible and a learning experience. I did find the Triple D section a brilliant process. I am going to start using it immediately. "

I'm going to start using these strategies immediately

February, 2016

Sara K
Secondary Teacher

“This will help me have more control ...”

Terrific! In one day I feel as though I have my head back in the game. Going back to teaching after a few years break feels daunting, to say the least, but now I have some new tools to use,

I've touched base with some old ones, and I can take a fresh approach.

October, 2015

Zoe C
Relief Teacher
John Doe UI/UX Designer

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