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Mention the term behaviour management to any teacher and you get glazed eyes and cold sweats. You have the same response don't you? I bet you visualise little turkeys running amok in your classroom and you don't have any answers to help. (Did I hear trumpets blasting!) to the rescue.


I have gathered a team of experts.

Behaviour Management Experts.


Not the behaviour experts who present "Oh! So Wonderful!" seminars to a crowd of thousands without ever setting foot in a classroom.

Don't get me wrong. There are some brilliant behaviour experts around.

But my relief teaching behaviour experts handle behaviour management every working day.

Between them, our expert panel have over 300 years teaching experience.

We have all fields covered from prep to year 12.

I have principals, class teachers, relief teachers, deputy principals, Heads of Departments, parents. In fact I have a team of 12 REAL behaviour management experts ready to help YOU.

Have you every encountered a behaviour management problem you haven't been able to solve?

Of course you have!

Have you ever encountered a student for whom you have NO ANSWERS?

Of course you have!.

Well now is your chance to get REAL and TIMELY help.

Behaviour Management Advice is close at hand.


Present your behaviour
scenarios to the Relief Teaching
Behaviour Management Expert Panel

Relief Teaching is hard enough without letting poor student behaviour getting in the way of good teaching.

So let the relief Teaching Behaviour Management Expert Panel help YOU.

Let the panel examine student behaviour scenarios you have encountered in one of your relief teaching days. The panel will offer you advice on

  • how to be proactive so that these behaviours do not become a problem for you when relief teaching (or classroom teaching for that matter;
  • management strategies you can employ to prevent this behaviour becoming a problem;
  • management strategies to use if your behaviour situation becomes a problem.
  • how to deal with this behaviour management situation in the future.

Behaviour Management Scenarios 

  • These scenarios could be real situation you have encountered in your relief teaching gigs.
  •  It could be a situation you see developing in your classroom and you want to run some ideas past a panel of experts.
  •  It could be an imaginary scenario for which you would like to be fore-armed.


so that we can help you
improve YOUR classroom experience”
Relief Teaching
Expert Panel

And if you want to add your comments, you might be able to solve some one's problem.


It might also work out that some might solve YOUR problem.

So - Go for IT!

List your Behaviour Management Scenario in the form below and let Mutual and Professional Help come to your aid.

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All Your Behaviour Management Ideas are welcome.

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