How to Make Behaviour Management Fun

Behaviour Management and Fun

Sometimes the simplest changes are the best.

What simple change has the biggest impact on your behaviour management processes?

This is going to be your most used activity.


Using Fun for Behaviour Management?

Let me say that you must have a positive attitude before you use these strategies. There is a 10 minute window of opportunity when you are relief teaching. That is how long it takes for the kids to size you up. It generally takes most people 10 minutes to form an opinion on you. It will be at least 3 hours before they change their minds.

Kids will form their opinion on your behaviour management skills first.

Sounds tough, doesn't it? Well it is. Tough - Get Over It! You have to play your behaviour management cards right. Right?

Behaviour Management does not mean NO FUN.

You probably know that Volkswagen set the standard when it comes to successful behaviour management strategies.

Their factories are world leaders in creating positive productive environments. We can (and should) use their style to look at behaviour management processes in our classrooms.

You see, Volkswagen try things.

They changed the behaviour of people by using ONE simple behaviour management tool - FUN.

Just watch this 90 second experiment.

Behaviour Management and Fun?

What does this say about teaching and Fun?

What is the implication for relief teaching?

Should FUN be a goal for learning or even behaviour management?

Behaviour Management in Focus


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Hi Bob,

I am really enjoying the behaviour management course. Thanks so much!



As a fresh relief teacher career focused teacher, I really enjoyed the behavior management course. I never thought about some of the strategies you suggested.
I am keen to give them a go now.


If you wish to sharpen your behaviour management skills, this course may be just the thing your need.



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